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I live in the suburbs of Milwaukee with my husband and 3 daughters. This used to be a lame knitting blog, then a funny blog, and now it just chronicles our lives, mostly in a boring way. I think I might try and revive the funny. It's been dead for far too long.

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Gary said...

Hi, Gary here. I live in N. central Minnesota, and just became aware of Milwaukee's pickles this past summer. I used to be a Gedney's pickle guy, but find Milwaukee's pickles slightly better, and, presently, slightly cheaper than Gedneys,(perhaps because they are trying to introduce them to this area.) I tried both the Kosher and the regular styles, and like the regular better. If you like garlic in your pickles, Milwaukee Kosher dills would be good for you. Too much garlic for me.
I tried Mt. Olive pickles as well, butdidn't like what they use for brine. (I think they used a red peeper of some kind.) I was also disappointed that Milwaukee pickles weren't made in Milwaukee. They must have kept the original recipe, which may be the best thing Pinnacle Foods did. ;-)