Saturday, October 14, 2006

I spent the entire day in my pj's today. I went outside a total of two times. Once to get the mail, and once to get cough syrup from Wal-Greens. But both times I went commando. ha.

I spent most of the day studying, which was not a ton of fun. So every couple hours or so I rewarded myself with some Tivo. Grey's Anatomy was sooooo good!!! I love McSteamy, but I really hope Callie doesn't hit that. George needs to get his head out of his butt!!

Yesterday I learned how to do IVs. I really should have brought my camera b/c it was quite a sight. We learn on arm stumps with tubes that run through to simulate veins. You can actually insert the IV and get a "blood" return. It's just red water, and squirts all over you when you finally get it in, which is not quite so lifelike, but oh well. It's funny to see a room with tables and just arms laying on them. I'll try and get a pic next week. Anyway, I hit vein everytime I tried, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. Our next skills test is over just IVs, so at least I'll know what to expect. Sorta.

I think my family might be coming out for Thanksgiving. I think it would be fun--I've always wanted to cook a Thanksgiving dinner but never got the chance b/c we always go somewhere else. I already have a turkey recipe picked out, courtesty of my lover, Alton Brown. I can't wait!

Have I mentioned makeupalley to you yet? I can't remember. It has reviews for tons of beauty items. Anything you could imagine. I always check it before I try anything new.

It's late and I'm pretty sleepy, but I'm waiting for Derrick fall asleep before I go to bed. He's been in there for almost 2 hours and still coughing and tossing, and I know if I go in there now I'll get no sleep. We have no plans at all for tomorrow which is good--I need to study hard core.

This was boring. I'm sorry. I wish I were funnier. I'll try and work on that.


Lara said...

You don't need to be FUNNY to have an enjoyable blog. People read because it's YOU, not because you can make them laugh. Generally speaking of course. I tend to get more visitors when I'm channeling "Erma Bombeck," but lately, I've been all philosophical and crap! You can too!
Heh heh, the verification word is "Spawwpax." Sounds like a Disease. :-)

Samantha said...

I too like pajama days. I want one. It's been a while.

Good luck cooking Thanksgiving dinner. I hope I never do that.

And, I can relate to being sick a lot. Gross. Sorry.

I admire you for being a nurse - that stuff sounds gross and scary. Good for you!!!