Wednesday, December 20, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me

s1) I can only chew Spearmint gum. I can't stand Peppermint or anything else. It has to be green gum. I used to exclusively chew Trident, but now I've switched. Orbit Sweetmint is the best.

2) I love all the movies everyone else hates. Cat in the Hat, The Kid, Everybody's Hero...

3) I had gallstones at 17 and had my gallbladder removed. Who get's stones at 17???

4) I can only fall asleep on my stomach. Pregnancy's gonna be a biotch.

5) I alphabetize everything.

6) I can't go to bed without wearing socks.

I know, not very weird things. I'm sure I'll think of them later, when I'm actually doing them. Maybe there'll be an update. Lara tagged me, and I'm tagging Alexis, Sam, Antony, Shannon, Lindsey, and.....well, I only know 6 bloggers, so I guess that's it!

1 comment:

jasongard said...

I hate sleeping with socks on - I prefer sleeping nude