Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, y'all! Santa hooked me up! Hopefully you did too! I got LOTS of what was on my list, which I was very surpised to learn. I got the black bag I've been eyeing forever and a Brewer's T-shirt that I've been wanting, and lots of other awesome things. Derrick loved everything I got him, especially the BYU jacket that I secretly had sent courtesty of Scott. (Check's in the mail, dude!) He pretty much got clothes, except for some wireless headphones and a beard trimmer I got him. At least he can dress like a pimp now! It was so funny watching all the kids open their presents. The amount of presents they get is incredible. I have pictures....I'll post them later. Seriously, more toys than I probably got in my entire childhood of Christmases combined. They just tore one open and moved on to the next one. When they were done, I doubt they could have told you one thing they got. It was fun though.

Tomorrow all the girls are going shopping, (b/c obviously we didn't get ENOUGH stuff today). I got a lot of gift cards, so I'll be using those. Except, when we flew out here, we were over our 50 pound limit on ALL THREE of the suitcases we brought, so who the heck knows how we're going to get it all home! Maybe when we go to the Orange County Swap Meet on Saturday we can pick up some luggage...we need it anyway. One of our is rollin' on one wheel. High class.

There's all sorts of crazy family drama going on, and it makes for interesting dynamics. Everyone is very opinionated and not afraid to share it. Although, in this situation, I agree with the general population, but I just stay out of it as much as I can.

Well, I am pooped. My nephews jumped on us in bed this morning at 7am. They were soooo excited. Too cute. I can't wait until my own kids are that excited for Santa.

I need my shopping sleep! Merry Christmas!