Friday, December 01, 2006

What makes me instantly grumpy??

Waking up to this:

Pictures don't really do it justice for how bad it is outside. It's a blizzard!!! We've already gotten 7 inches. And it's supposed to be snowing for another 2-3 more hours!!! Augh!! School is closed, which sucks for me since I was actually planning on going in and practicing in the lab for my testing on Monday. Good thing I went in yesterday for a little bit! I'm supposed to work this afternoon at Waste Management. I called them and they're still open, so hopefully the roads are better around 1. I just called Derrick and he said people who live downtown were just now getting to work--at 10am. Yikes.

Gues that means I have to do some homework now. Next week is a busy one--lots of stuff due, semester wrapping up--finally. 2 more weeks!!! I registered for next semester the other day--I got pretty much what I wanted. No Monday classes, and clinicals at Froedtert. Should be a good site. It'll be an interesting semester--I'm in clinical 3 days a week, and then in class on Friday only. Sweet.

Well, I think I'm going to hit the gym and run for awhile. Pretend that I'm running to Florida, where they don't have blizzards....

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Samantha said...

I just don't understand how people don't think blizzard days are cool, in any way! It is inconvenient but you get a snow day, and it's beautiful! :( I would switch places with you.