Monday, February 26, 2007

The end is near. For my computer, that is.

I thought about working today, but then the thought of staying in my warm bed won out over getting up. I felt sorta bad, so I called the temp agency and told them I would work for the next two Mondays. Gah.

It's been snowing lightly all morning, nothing too serious, so I ran some errands this afternoon, b/c let's face it, it was practically afternoon when I woke up today. I came home and gave the bathroom a deeeeep cleaning. It desperately needed it. Now I'm just gearing up for some homework.

Our poor laptap is dying. The monitor is a floppy mess. A couple months ago the left hinge just cracked and somehow popped out and it hasn't closed properly since. It's still been functional though, so we haven't really done anything about it. But last night, the right side hinge busted. Now it can't stay up on its own. It's needs computer Viagra or something. Right now I have a pillow propped up behind it, but the best option I've found so far is to put it on the sofa against the back pillows and then sit on the floor and use the couch as a desk. Very pathetic. And time for a new laptop, I suppose. If anyone comes across any good deals, please let me know!!! I know it's only a matter of time before the damned thing just falls off and I'm out completely. I got freaked out last night and copied everything to an external hard drive. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Watched the Oscars last night. They are soooo long. I think the only movie that I've seen that was nominated was Cars. And that was just for best song. And it didn't even win. I really want to see Babel and Little Miss Sunshine, though. Oh, and The Departed. I can't believe Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar. Like, a year and a half ago she was a nobody! And then she was on AI, and now she has an Oscar!! That is incredible. I love TV.

Well, I should get some reading done. I will feel extremely productive if I can knock it all out today. I think I can, I think I can....


Lara said...

I am SO jealous of your sleep!

Samantha said...

We don't have the internet anymore so I'm feeling starved. And of course we couldn't watch the oscars but I heard all about it. I was pretty happy with the results except...well I think it's waaaaaaay cool that Jennifer Hudson won, but I don't think she deserved an OSCAR for that. She was good but not that good. But the last few years so much has been winning and being nominated that didn't deserve it - it shouldn't surprise me.

We'll be back in the States in 1 week. I am psyched.