Thursday, March 15, 2007

I heart March Madness

Tuesday it was be-yooooooo-tiful out, so we grilled hamburgers. They were deeee-licious. Such a teaser though, b/c the next day it got chillier. Still, it was great to have a pretend day of Summer in the middle of March.

This week at clinicals was sad. My patient, who I've had for a couple weeks now, has been slowly going downhill. Well, from Tuesday after to Wednesday morning, he got much much worse. They transferred him down to the Hospice floor yesterday and gave him a day or two only. His family really liked me and were hugging me and thanking me, which was really cool, but it was still very sad. He was such a sweet man, wouldn't complain even if he were in the worst pain. He lived with his "lady friend", who is also the cutest old lady ever. They were engaged when they were 18. Then he took her out one night for a martini, and when she got home fell flat on her face when she walked in the door. Her mother told her she was never to see that boy again. And she didn't. It wasn't until their 50th high school reunion that they met back up, and he asked her to dance. His wife was in the late stages of Alzheimer's, so he and this "lady friend" just remained friends. His wife soon died and they began dating. She moved in with him 7 years ago and they've been together ever since. Isn't that the cutest story????

March Madness starts today!!! We've got all our brackets filled out and we're ready to watch! You better believe I entered a pool this year. We'll see how it all pans out! Let's hope those Gators go all the way!

Well, I should get moving. I feel like I haven't run in ages, so I should probably hit up the gym. May 27th is coming up faster than I thought!! Yikes!

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Lara said...

That would be hard to handle for me. I'm sure you would get attached to your patients in some form or another, and to see them lose their struggle with their illness would be hard. I'd be a mess all the time!

I guess that's why I'm not cut out for the Nursing profession. ;-)

But at least we know they go to a better place.