Saturday, April 28, 2007

I love sunshine. And the sunshine state.

This week was crazy busy. I've been dying to blog about our trip to Florida but just haven't had the time! It was awesome. The weather was beautiful, and I ate at all the places I wanted to. Friday after we flew in and picked up our rental car we headed straight to Chick-fil-A for lunch then down to the beach. We just drove around a bit for awhile and I showed Derrick my high school and my old house and some other random places. That night we went to a Devil Rays game with Lenora and her baby Evelyn and my friend Dan from high school. It was pretty fun, and I saw where I used to sell Dippin' Dots in the stadium. Good times.

Saturday we went to the beach. All day. It was fabulous. We had lunch at Frenchy's, which is THE place to eat on Clearwater Beach. Yum. After the beach, we went home and showered and Derrick and I went to the first and original Hooters for dinner. Yes, the very first Hooters ever was in Clearwater. Our waitress was okay...a butterface, if you will...

Since Clearwater just got its first Kohl's not too long ago, we of course had to check it out. We walked around the mall for a bit to see what's changed then headed over to Kohl's and met up with Lenora and Gwen. I got some super sweet Gator shorts. You'll see those later... We went to Dairy Kurl for ice cream after the mall, and it's just as good as it ever was. Key lime dipped cone. Delish!

Sunday was church. It was fun to see everyone that I knew and try and remember their names. It's been 8 years! Yikes! I didn't do too bad, though. That night my old YW leader, Suzanne, planned a get together at her house and I was able to catch up with some old friends for awhile. Earlier that day I went and saw some friends from high school, Becky and Scott. We only chatted for about an hour or so before we had to leave, but it was still good to see them. It's funny, they haven't changed a bit. I wonder what they thought about me?

Monday Derrick and I went back to the beach for a couple hours before we had to fly out. We stopped by the mall again to try and catch Tommy at work and swap some of each others stuff we've had for awhile. It was only slightly awkward introducing the former boyfriend to the new husband. Haha. It was still good to see him, even if he was avoiding me the whole weekend.

We hit up Chick-fil-A one more time before we returned the car, then went home to pack. :( Lenora has a Magic Bullet, which I've been coveting FOREVER, so we made some smoothies and played some Nintendo before we left for the airport. Good thing we planned to leave a little early, b/c their car had a flat and we had to change it before we left!! Then it was off again back to Milwaukee. A quick trip, but nice to get away and hit the beach in April. Sure can't do that here!

Hopefully it's not another 5 years before I visit again!

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josiejean said...

you don't have a magic bullet? oh, you gotta get one! your pictures make me want to leave today...i go to CA on tues and i am desperate to leave.