Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wisconsin sucks giant balls.

I was all sorts of pissed off this afternoon. Why? Because we got like 6 inches of snow! It took me forever to get to the hospital and I got pelted in the face the whole walk in. I'm sure I looked like a moron holding my lunchbox in front of my face but I didn't care. IT'S APRIL!!!! TIME TO WARM UP!! Why does God hate us? Why? Only 10 more days to Florida, 10 more days...

We booked a trip to Washington DC last night. We got ridiculously cheap tickets into Baltimore, and you can take a 3 dollar bus ride into DC in like 30 minutes. I'm super excited. Scott's gonna meet us out there and Jason and Erica are gonna come down too. We're going the beginning of July, when it'll be nice and hot and muggy. I haven't back to DC in years and years, I think since I last lived in Virginia, like 12 years ago. Geez, that makes me sound old! There's so many things I want to see....I can't wait!

I'm a sleepy gal. Going to bed now.


Lara said...

I'm with you. For some reason, snow blowing in my face REALLY pisses me off. I had to go to the Dr. yesterday, and as soon as I exited the car, WHOOSH! A facefull of snow. And of course there were no parking spaces except really far away, and by the time I got inside I had an inch of snow on my hair, and was sopping wet. I was LIVID.

What's up with that? Don't you just wanna shake your fist at the sky and say MAKE UP YOUR MIND, ALREADY!!!???

Samantha said...

Yeah it snowed here too.

You're always travelin places! Fun.

I'm gonna stop commenting on your blogs until you start commenting on mine. :(

Samantha said...

THANKS! (In response to your cooking advice.) Those are all really good ideas. And yes, seriously, send me ANY recipe you like to make. Email them. I mean, if you have 20, that's fine with me. I need it!