Monday, May 07, 2007

Mostly gripes, but a rave too

So I'm currently temping. Receptionist gig, nothing too stressful. After separating, folding, and stuffing approximately 500 invoices (no exaggerating)I got to work finishing the study guide to my leadership class final. Pretty productive day. I've worked here before, but I had to come in Friday to "train". The lady who works here thinks it's the hardest and most important job ever, and thinks I'm incapable of doing it. I wasn't supposed to show up until 4, train for an hour, and get paid for 3. But I got done with class early and showed up at 2, hoping to get out of there early. Nooooo. I show up, she puts me to work stuffin invoices, then at 4 saying, "well, since you're here, I'm leaving!". Excuse me??? LAME. I was so grumpy after that. That night we went to Rockbottom with a bunch of friends then went back to Ryan and Ashley's and ate custard and watched b-ball. 1/2 fun. :)

It looks like a nice day out, and I'm stuck behind a desk. At least I have internet and a clock radio!

I tried to run 8 miles on Saturday but could only make it to 5. I think it had to do with the fact that most of it was on grass and uneven dirt and that sucked all the energy out of me. Oh, and all the hills. They may be small, but they're loooong. I was pooped. My calved felt like rocks. This Saturday I'm scheduled for 9 miles and I think we're gonna try running it on the track at the high school next to our place. That should be a little better, right???

RAVE: Cranium Games

There was a very long period of my life where I hated the game Cranium. It all had to do with a very long, very bad date I went on at BYU. I never really liked playing it since then. Fast forward to several months ago. I find Cranium Turbo Edition at Goodwill, brand new, for 6 bucks. Can't pass that up, right? I get it home only to find the electronic light up timer doesn't work, despite my attempts at new batteries. So into the closet it goes. Until last week, during my deep cleaning of the entire apartment. (still gleaming, by the way) I pull out the timer and try again, and it still doesn't work. Well, I go online to to see if I can buy a new one. Not an option. So I email them asking how I can get a new one. They email me back the next day saying they're sending me a new one, free of charge!! How awesome is that?! I was fully expecting and willing to pay for a replacement. It came 4 days later. Even better. We finally played it Saturday night after a mini Cinco de Mayo party with another couple in our complex. It's a pretty fun game.

Well, I know this was a boring post. Sorry. Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to post about soon.

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Samantha said...

Ha, I was like, "what's cindo de mayo?" Then I realized it was supposed to be cinco.

I like cranium too but I know people who hate it. Those people are poops. Don't get me wrong; I mean I wouldn't want to play it every day, but it's fun sometimes. I laughed so hard I almost peed last time I played turbo edition.