Thursday, June 21, 2007

Flight woes

Derrick was supposed to come home tonite from New York. His flight was scheduled to leave at 5:30 EDT. Well, he just called me, 9:15 EDT, so say his flight hasn't left yet. They have been on the tarmac in a huge rainstorm waiting for it to pass. Then the plan was to wait for the 50 or so planes ahead of them to take off, and they'd be next. Well, he just called and said that they pulled back into the gate to refuel. They are not allowed to leave the plane, if they do, they won't be allowed back on. I'm sure he's starving, and doesn't pack snacks like I do. Apparently the pilot only has like 30 minutes of flight time left so they may not even be flying back tonite at all. Yikes. The morning flights are starting to fill up, which means if he doesn't get home tonite, or tomorrow morning, I may be flying to LA myself. Double yikes. That means I'd have to pack for him, which mean I have to fit all my crap in one suitcase, and I'm leaving the golf clubs here b/c I sure as heck ain't paying 75 bucks to bring 3 pieces of luggage. He better make it!!!

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