Saturday, June 02, 2007

For all the Milwaukeeans

It's Riversplash this weekend. We were gonna head down last night...but decided not to. And it's a good thing, too, since it rained buckets. Riversplash also corresponds with Dining Week, where you can go to a list of places and eat lunch for $10 and dinner for $20, and each includes an appetizer, entree', and dessert. Pretty sweet deal. Check it out, yo. We'll probably go later today. It sucks to go to those things alone, so if you wanna come with, call a sista up! Fireworks at 10pm!

How could we forget Pirate Fest in Port Washington? If Pirates are your thing, this is apparently the place to be.

The Port Washington Pirate Festival includes an Invasion, a Thieves Marketplace, Musicians, Comedians, a Pirate Ship, A Treasure Hunt, Children's Activities, a Gruel Galley and Much More.

An invasion???? Yikes! Thieves Marketplace? Seems counterproductive, no?

Anyway, plenty to do this weekend, so no complaining! Happy Saturday!

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