Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's working! It's working!

Everything time I hear those words, I think of a certain movie. It's somewhat of a modern classic, and those lines were said by a boy. If you can name the movie, I will send you a prize of my choosing.

My internet is currently working, but it is being fickle. We'll see how long it lasts.

I'm watching SYTYCD, (aren't you proud Chris?) and wondering if one of the criteria to be on the show is to have an obscure name. Really...where are the Elizabeths and Matts and Johns and Emilys? Emilies?? Faina, Hok, Sabra...weird. With a name like that, I guess you have to be artsy fartsy. I do like this show...I watched the end last season. Mostly because Derrick's cousin's family, the Kettleys, are best friends with Heidi's family (and her cousin Benji) were on it. I would like the show more if it weren't for that annoying chick judge. She is waaaay more annoying than Paula ever was. And she needs to open her mouth when she talks. She bugs.

So I went to Target today to exchange my glove. I really did want the tan one, not the black one, but my instant gratification self bought the black one anyway. The Target by our place had the one I want so I went and switched them up. Bonus: it's 5 bucks cheaper. Anyway, I'm tossing a ball up in the air and catching it, trying to see which one I like better, catching it most of the time, when this little boy walks by and watches me. He said, "Here, can I throw to you?" I toss him the ball, and start praying that I can catch it and not look like an idiot in front of this 8 year old. He tosses it, my heart starts to beat a little faster, and I watch the neon yellow ball head straight at me. I put my glove up and pray. I caught it. Whew. He says, "Nice catch!"
Me: "Thanks! Nice throw!"
My new buddy: "Really?? Thanks! See ya!"

Sometimes I'm more concerned about how kids perceive me than adults. Am I the only one that does this???

I started messing around with Photobooth on Josie's was hilarious. Here are some rather unflattering shots of me.

You want me fluff pillow?

Don't get it twisted!

Why the long face?

I've got my eye on you!!

Feed me!!

What a blockhead.

That last one cracks me up. Can you imagine if I really looked like that? I would have no friends. And you know that's the truth. NO ONE would be looking for any inner beauty with a face like that.


Samantha said...

Those are terrible.

Don't get me started on that judge. Her laugh is terrible. Sometimes she's unbearable other than the fact that at least she's a dancer so she knows more about what she's talking about. She looks like a twisted Marie Osmond with a HUGE mouth though. And that terrible laugh....and Mia Michels cracks me up b/c she's so much like choreographers/dancers/directors I've known/talked to.

I am pissed Ricky got cut instead of one of the break dancers b/c you know they aren't gonna win.

Silvs said...

If the "it's working" line is followed by, "you got it, pull it up!" then I know what it is. Yes, I am so proud. And yes, she is annoying. But you gotta love that Gary Busey would get dressed up like a chick, put on a wig, and pretend like he's been a ballroom dancer his whole life.

Karen said...

Ooooh....could be. But not the one I'm thinking of. Great flick still the same tho!

Ryan, Miriam, and Sadie Kay said...

oh dang, those pictures are funny.

Bodilly said...

That last picture made you look like Spock. Live long and prosper.