Friday, June 01, 2007


I start my job at the psychiatric clinic today. I'm not allowed to wear open toed shoes, as a courtesy to those who come in with foot fetishes and/or phobias. But what about those with hairy arm phobias? Shouldn't we be catering to them, too??


josiejean said...

what's up with the number above the "about me" section of your blog. it keeps changing. you didn't even mention your job today when i saw did it go?

Karen said...

It's a counter...but I just realized it resets every month....LAME. So I got a new one.

Job went well--it's going to be so boring. Oh well.

Samantha said...

Yeah...that's nice to be thinking of the foot fetish/phobia people, but I'm guessing in a psych clinic, there are many other phobias/fetishes that people will have that you can't really do anything about. That's kind of creepy. I mean they could have a nose fetish. Hair phobias. Kneecap fetishes. Teeth phobias. What are you gonna do?!?!? Really though what will you be doing there?