Sunday, July 22, 2007

Another quick weekend

We figured 4 days in a row was too long to stay in Wisconsin so we left again on Thursday for Erie, PA where all of my dad's family lives. My cousin got married on Saturday so we drove over for the weekend. My parents came out so we got to see them as well. It was a pretty fun weekend, although busy. We got a lot of flack for sleeping in, but we haven't really caught up on sleep from DC so we didn't care--we needed it. We got in super late Thursday night (thanks to traffic in Chi-town and construction from Cleveland to Erie it took 10.5 hours) then spent the day Friday just hanging out around Erie. We went to see Meet the Robinsons, that Disney movie that didn't get much publicity. I can sorta see why--it was kinda weird, but I thought it was cute, and I bawled like a baby in the end. I don't do well with stories about little kids who get beat up or picked on, even if they are animated. What a dork.

Saturday was the wedding, which was outside in my grandparent's backyard. It was a short ceremony, which was nice, and then there was a small reception there, then the big one down where her husband is from: Hicksville USA. There were three kegs of Coors Light where you could fill your own plastic cup, and there was no shortage of people filling them. There was a dance floor, and the DJ opened it up for dancing and nobody danced. So I took it upon myself to grab my cousin Amy and we shook our groove thangs out there by ourselves until we got the party started. And boy did we. We, especially Amy, felt like horses asses until people joined us, but it was fun. The problem was that it was still really light out and nobody was drunk enough. But that soon changed. We left before it was over since we had to drive an hour back and then leave early in the morning.

Here we are in a mini photo-shoot down by the pond in my g-parent's backyard, "Romesburg Park."

You can't have a park without nude statues. This is one of three.

With my 10-year-old cousin, Andy. He isn't allowed to have ANY sugar (ADD) but I kept sneaking him some anyway. Don't tell anyone.

With the bride, my cousin Amanda.

My fellow party starter, Amy.

This morning we had breakfast with the 'rents and my aunt and uncle and cousin at Cracker Barrel before making the trek back to Milwaukee. This time it only took us 8.5 hours. Hooray. I drove the first half, then watched The Notebook and slept the second half. Roadtrips go much faster when you sleep, as my dad always says.

So now were back. And we're not going anywhere (that I know of) until the end of August when we head to Vegas. Whew.

Bad news: I just heard they cancelled the Brat Eating Competition in Sheboygan. We were totally planning on going this year to see Kobayashi. I'm so bummed.

Harry Potter came out yesterday and I'm dying to read it. I have to read it SOON because I know I will come across as spoiler sooner or later. And like Lara told me, I can't read DListed until I do, b/c he will totally spoil it for me.

Funny license plate cover seen this weekend: "Don't bother honking-I'm listening to Clay Aiken" Is that hilarious or what??? Who buys that???

Random song heard: At the weddig, a song called "Strokin'" by Clarence Carter? I have never heard this song before in my life. Especially not at a wedding. I was cracking up at the lyrics, but only b/c looking disgusted would have been rude. Apparently there's a music video. Of course, I will share it with you! It gets really good around 2:55 and then 3:40. Beware, NSFW!


Lara said...

Actually, I'm proud of Michael K.--he resisted the temptation!


You must hurry and read it!

Samantha said...

1)your cousin is very pretty
2)It's probably bad that you gave that kid sugar
3) you're funny. Come visit me and baby sometime.

RomKol said...

Where is Romesburg Park?? My Uncle John Romesburg lives in Erie, PA and I never heard them talk about it. He has an Exxon Station on Peach Street. Of course I haven't been there since my brother Bill dies in Feb '04. Too cold for Parks in Feb.

Karen said...

Romesburg Park is what my grandpa, John Romesburg, calls his backyard. Is your mom or dad John's sibling? Sorry to hear about your brother. I'm sure we've met somewhere along the line...