Monday, July 16, 2007

We're back!

I know you're just DYING to hear about how awesome our trip to DC was. And I'm just DYING to tell you. But I'm also DYING from lack of sleep. I edited all 545 pictures, (yes, that's right), and now I just have to decided which ones to show you. Really, I've been literally exhausted since Thursday night. I should have gone to bed hours ago. I'll leave you with a picture and a conversation I had with a 4 year old at the airport coming home. (They are not related...obviously.)

A family sat down next to us, 3 kids under 4, obvious g-lines, no doubt they're Momo, especially since I heard the girl ask her mom what she was drinking, and the mom said, "Coffee, even though I'm not supposed to be drinking it."

So I'm talking to the girl, and asking her about her shoes (crocs), and she starts to ask me questions. Somehow it leads to babies, (Honestly, is there anyone who DOESN'T ask me if I have kids??? I mean, total 4 year old strangers even!).

Girl: Do you have any babies?
Me: Nope. No babies yet.
Girl. Oh. But you have boobs!
Me: Yes, I do have boobs!

At this point, the parents' head jerk up and realize their daughter told me I have boobs, and look like their about to die of embarassment. I was dying laughing. Too bad Derrick was in the bathroom and missed the whole thing. Hilarious.

More to come...

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josiejean said...

You might not be having babies yet, but it looks like Derrick is sprouting a baby bump!!! LOL - how many weeks along?