Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloweenie!

Happy Halloween, everybody! It doesn't feel like Halloween to me today, tho. It's so sad. I wore all blue scrubs all day. I didn't eat a SINGLE piece of candy. It's weird, too, b/c there was candy ALL OVER the unit today, and TONS of decorations and Halloweenish type things. But I'm just not feeling it in my heart of halloween hearts. I even watched part of The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown last night and painted my fingernails black. Now I'm watching the 7th Heaven Halloween special. I'm so pathetic. However, the Great Pumpkin did come to our house and dye our milk orange! Here are a few Halloween jokes for your spooking pleasure:

And because I have some sort of fascination with Google and their holiday logos:

Today was my first day of caring for patients on the mom/baby unit. It was awesome. My baby had sooooo much black hair, and it was soooo soft. Like a duck. Too cute. Poor thing fractured her clavicle on the way out, so we had to pin her arm across her body to her shirt. It was so much easier than I was anticipating, and I loved every minute of it.

Good news: I spoke yesterday with the recruiter who offered me a job, one I really like. I was nervous about letting her know that I needed more time to decide, since I have more interviews schedule this week and next, and she told me not to worry at all. The nurse manager liked me so much, and was so impressed with me that she is willing to wait for me. Isn't that awesome? Takes so much pressure off, knowing that job is FOR SURE mine if I want it, and that they want ME to fill it. I'm a rock star.

Now I'm watching "High School Musical." Really? I hate myself. Actually, I hate everyone else for not inviting me to a party. And by everyone, yes, I mean you.


Lara said...

I LOVED Google's art! It was way cool. I bet they have some sort of gallery could google it! :-)

Sorry your Halloween sucked.

KaylynnCallister said...

I would have invited you if you were here! So sorry. And you sound so sad! I think that once people have kids they don't do so much halloween partying and do more trick or treating. Maybe that's the problem...

Bodilly said...

I loved that 2nd cartoon.