Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holy Hill

Yesterday was absolutely beautiful. Bright blue skies, temps in the 70's, certainly unusual weather for mid-October. We decided to take advantage of it and headed up to Holy Hill to look at all the fall colors, which are in full bloom. Of course, we stopped at the apple stand near Holy Hill and picked up some fresh apple cider. Yummmm! There were more yellows than anything else, but even those were beautiful. You can walk through the forest on a trail, with 14 stations depicting Christ and his journey with the cross. Kind of creepy and morbid, but hey, they're Catholic, what do you expect? (Just kidding, folks!)

Inside the forest reminded us of the Sacred Grove.

Wet leaves on pavement.

Sunlight peeking through.

The ski runs. Yes, ski runs. Welcome to the flatland that is Wisconsin, and their delusion that they have ski resorts. Still, very pretty colors in contrast to the green.

I am loving this warm fall. But I hope we aren't enjoying this in return for snow in July....
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