Thursday, October 25, 2007

**WARNING** Magic Spoiler Ahead

I'm sure I'll meet an untimely death by posting this. Perhaps it'll be by a rabbit escaped from a hat sent to chew through my eyeballs. Or maybe strangulation by many colorful silk scarves all tied together. Or maybe I will just be sawed in half. Still, with risk to life and limb hanging over me, by popular demand, I will reveal the secrets behind the Copperfield impregnation illusion. Just remember, you didn't hear it from me!

The set up:

One girl, sitting in a chair, about to "have David's baby," sitting on the right of the stage.

Me, standing in the middle.

Another girl, standing on the left of the stage.

He places a giant greeting-type card in a sealed envelope in the center of the stage, out in front.

David gives me a large pad of paper. You know, the kind that fit on those huge easels, that flip over the top. He stands in front of me, the pad between us, and hands me a marker. On the marker are printed the words, "Please play along." He asks me if I understand, and I nod my head yes. He flips open the cover to the pad, and tells me to write down the name of the baby the girl sitting is going to have. At this point, the crowd has already decided it's going to be a boy. Well, the name "Dick" is already written in black marker on the pad, so I "play along" and uncap the marker, which turns out to be completely dry, and trace over the name and underline it a couple times like it already is. Then he takes the marker from me. The girl standing on the left is told to write down a face card, a number, and a symbol. I see her do this, her page is blank, and she writes a 4 and draws a diamond. I can only assume that her marker says "Draw a 4 of diamonds" or something like that. Well, attention is then turned back to the pregnant girl, who is having an "ultrasound" which is transmitted onto a projection screen above the stage. He has the baby, who can wave and do all sorts of things, hold up a card, all in an ultrasound-ish type picture. Of course, the card is the 4 of diamonds. He then opens the card, which he says will have the name of the baby in it. It says Dick, of course. And everyone thinks I'm a perv. Everyone gasps and claps. I pretend to be shocked. (I'm such a great actress. Shame I was never in drama. However, being a Band Geek AND a Drama Freak would have put me over the edge. I think we all remember how much I struggled with just one extra-curricular activity...)

And that's the trick. So sneaky. But knowing how he did that trick didn't give me any clues as to the rest of the show, which was truly amazing. He made a car appear out of thin air. And he made a dozen people disappear. I just don't understand that stuff. So crazy. Freaks me out. I love magic.

The End. Hopefully not of my life.


Lara said...

Uh-oh, He is SO going to send his magic show thugs after your a** now. Or he'll sue you. Hey, the disappearing bank account!

Keep looking over your shoulder!! ;-)

Okay, I've been reading too much D-Listed...

KaylynnCallister said...

I got a call this morning from the Copperfield crew asking for your address. I hope it's ok that I gave it to them. I made sure they had the apt # right. They probably just want to say thanks for being such a good participant.

Samantha said...

This is funny Karen!

Hey I saw the Alton Brown site on your links page - William has a man crush on him. He'll deny that though.