Monday, November 05, 2007

Monday mashup

Not much to blog about these days. Low-key weekend. Had a fun soup night at Miriam's. Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference, which was good. Had Kohl's interviewees over for dinner last night. As if they guys (and Lindsey) don't already love to talk about work when they get together, having a get together for the express reason to talk about work is enough to make them giddy. They were loving it. Ryan, Kelsi, and I sat in our own little corner and talked about non-Kohl's things, and had our own little fun party.

Daylight Savings blows. It was dark at 5pm. That just ain't right. Supposedly it snowed today. Luckily I didn't see it or I would be in a much more terrible mood.

I had two more interviews on Friday, and one today. I think they went well. I have a 2nd interview set up for this Friday, on a unit I would LOVE, so I really hope that goes well. The benefits are really great, too. I have been amazingly blessed during this whole job hunting process. Before I even started I fasted with the intent of finding jobs. The response was overwhelming! I've had multiple offers, and I've had no trouble scheduling interviews. Now my problem is deciding which offer to take! It's a good problem to have, and I definitely know that my experiences are the direct result of prayer and faith. It's awesome.

It's only 10, but I'm headed to bed. Getting up at 5:45 is dreadful.

Oh, and I should have rephrased the question to the last post. The guess was for the person, not the costume. In case you couldn't tell, yes, it was Whitney. Hilarious. I did wind up buying some wigs for Derrick and I to wear to soup night on Friday. No one else dressed up. But I was Barbie and Derrick was a pirate. Unfortunately, no pictures were taken of these sad, pathetic attempts at costumes. Oh well, there's always next year.

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Lara said...

That was WHITNEY??? What a great costume!!

I think it's wonderful about the job offers. Nurse Karen. :-)
I'm so tickled for you!