Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Trivials

Two D-Listed posts worth mentioning.

This article, is about a 2 year old girl in India born with 8 limbs. She truly is an octopus! Very sad. But now she's getting surgery, so that's good. Don't make her mad, she might ink on you.

This article, proves that american kids are idiots. They will do anything for a high, including inhaling the gases of fermented CRAP and PEE. Yes, you heard that right. Kids are collecting sewage and getting high off of it. I'll take a dirty needle in the thigh from a guy named Bones in the back of a bar over poo anyday. Sick.

I've come to two random realizations lately.

#1: I have bionic characteristics. Especially in my hands. And no, that's not an innuendo. My hands can sustain extreme temperatures, especially heat. The hot water that comes out of our tap is practically boiling, and I can wash dishes no problemo. I can touch ultra hot things without burning my fingers. I noticed this most recently when I stirred the pumpkin seeds that were roasting in the oven with my fingertips. I didn't even feel it. I also like really hot showers. Whenever Derrick hops in he always complains that he's getting burned, so I have to turn it down for him. However, like every superhero, I have a weakness. My own Kryptonite to Superman. An Achilles' heel, if you will. What is it? Hot water on my face. Can't stand it. When I wash my face in the shower I have to turn the temp down before I can rinse. I never dunk my head in hot tubs. It's a hard life, being bionic.

#2: I've heard multiple accounts of parents stealing their kids' Halloween candy. That's just shameless, people. Those kids worked hard going door to door to collect that candy, and you just swoop in and cherry pick the best pieces. I'm not saying that I won't sneak candy from my kids, but my kids will never know, because I love Halloween Candy Rejects: Tootsie Rolls, Smarties, Dum Dums. You know, the stuff that's leftover 3 weeks later when all the Snickers, Skittles, M&M's, and Milky Ways are all gone. My kids will love me for not taking their good stuff. They'll probably never even know what's missing! Even better than regular Tootsie Rolls are the Tootsie Fruit Rolls. Even better than those are their distant cousin, the hard to find Frooties. I used to buy them in the bulk candy section at Macy's (grocery, not department store) in Provo. Super cheap, too. Tasty little buggers. I'll tell ya, the quickest way to my heart is with a Frootie.

Got myself a letter in the mail today stating that I will be graduating with Honors next month. Awwwww yeah. Represent.


amy said...

some interesting stuff. my kids are odd in that they haven't even been interested in their candy since Halloween night. i have 2 bagfuls of candy and 2 kids not interested in eating it. i'm not either. anyone wanna buy our candy? :)

Lara said...

My kids lost interest in the candy two days ago. Because it's OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND.

I threw it all away! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

Oh, and I READ that D-listed article, and was SO sicked out! Next they are going to be hanging around cow fields to get high on the Methane! Sheesh!

NelsonFamily said...

Fruit Punch Frooties are the most delicious candy in the world. I actually became addicted after a trip to the nicklecaid where I only had enough tickets to get the cheapest candy. I think you were probably there when this addiction started since there is no other reason why I would be playing video games that I stink at.

Patty said...

Our kids give us the stuff they don't like, usually anything with nuts or coconut! Yuck for them, yummy for me!

Congrats on the upcoming graduation...HONORS? You rock!!!