Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm back!!!

Finally! The trip was amazing. Perfect weather. Lots of pictures. Nice tan.

Less than stellar flights to and from, but you can't have it all, eh?

Pictures and overly lengthy synopsis blog to come.

A teaser:

Standing on the north shore of Oahu, at Pipeline, checking out the surfers hangin' ten and wiping out.


Linda said...

I hate you a little bit right now. My popsicle toes are warmed a little by the picture though. Glad you had fun.

Dave said...

you better produce a blog entry about awesome California friends. Not weirdo world-wide interweb friends... but REAL friends.

Can't wait to see you and meet your husband this summer. You guys can move down to Orange County anytime you want.

p.s. My wife just appreciates a nice rack of lamb.