Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Because I don't know any other way to do this, and to help break up some of my droning, I'll break down our trip day by day. I know, that sounds horrible. But hopefully it will be shorter overall, and more readable.

Wednesday, Feb 13: Fly to Los Angeles

What should have been a simple trip to LA via Cincinnati, arriving at a reasonable time of 3pm, with plenty of time to meet up with cyber-turned-real friends, wound up to be an all day nightmare of reroutings and delays. My flight out of MKE was delayed and I would have had a mere 12 minutes to throw old ladies aside and run like the wind to make my connection. So instead I get rerouted to Dallas. No big deal. I grab some lunch, watch some O.C., and head onto my next stop, Salt Lake. Back in the familiar land of Zion, I wait for my connection, planning on arriving at 5, not too terrible a delay. Enter snowstorm. Another late flight, and then another 45 minutes or so on the tarmac waiting for a de-icing. Mr. Pilot sitting next to me is on his blackberry the whole time, and the one random second I decide to switch my phone on and send an update text the stewardess, yes I said stewardess, decides to walk down the aisle and yells at me. Hater. So I finally get to LA around 730. Get the rental and get on the road around 830. Head to Huntington Beach and meet up with Silvs and The Reids. Apparently the Dark Side was working on them too, throwing car problems at them left and right. But we had the Force on our side, and overcame the evils that were trying to keep us down. We enjoyed delicious BBQ, including deep fried pickles, and had an overall smashing time.

Finally made it back to 3800 (Derrick's house), checked email, perused the house for new wedding announcements and such, and finally hit the sack around 2am. That would be 4 am Milwaukee time, and a whopping 22 hours awake.

Airlines suck, but little did I know my flight out west would be cake compared to the trip home....


Caitlin said...

Oh no! The trip home was even worse?! I pity you. I can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip though -- the suspense is killing me!

Silvs said...

Man those southern California kids are super hot. And Dave has a big head.

Dave said...

Your mom.