Sunday, March 09, 2008

Winter Driving in Wisconsin

It goes without saying that this winter has been hellacious. I have compiled a list of three things that I have learned about driving in Wisconsin in the winter.

1) The best time to pick your nose while driving is if it's a blizzard outside. Everyone is so preoccupied with how they're driving and where they're going, nobody's watching you dig one out.

2) If you are driving while it's snowing, you will likely see lots of snow plows. However, they usually are driving with plows up, doing absolutely no good. Should you come across a plow truck actually plowing (gasp!), it will be driving the opposite direction you are.

3) If you swerve to dodge a pothole potcanyon, you will likey hit an even larger one doing so. I hit one so large a couple months ago it knocked my tire off the rim. My car sounds like the setup of a game of Boggle. The only thing keeping my tires connected to the body is some hope and a prayer.

Is it summer yet????

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