Sunday, August 10, 2008

5 Years!!!

Yesterday was our 5 year anniversary! 5 years have gone by sooo fast. And sooo smoothly! Seriously, it's been so fun to be married to Derrick. I wouldn't have it any other way!

I've been looking forward to this weekend for a long time. I had off, which in and of itself is enough to look forward to, but it was also our weekend to go to the state fair!! Let's backtrack though...

Friday was supposed to be my good friend Lindsey's bachelorette party, but she was admitted to the hospital so it was called off. I had backup plans though--tickets to see Carolina Liar, my latest obsession. (Lindsey's ok by the way...her bridal shower was today.) So Friday, after a little birthday cake for my favorite 3 year old girl and some opening ceremony action (HOORAY FOR OLYMPICS!!!) we hit up the concert. It was at the Rave, and there was hardly anyone there. Maybe 100 people or so. We waited in the smoky hall until it started, and they opened with "California Bound." The acoustics in the hall are horrible. It was way too loud for how many people there were. I could feel my whole body vibrating. You could hardly hear the lead singer. And all I could thing of was my poor child shaking in my tummy. I had read how prolonged high volumes could damage an unborn baby and that's all I could think of. We stayed for 2 more songs, including "I'm not over" and then left 20 minutes into the show. I was pretty bummed to leave, but I wasn't loving the sound, and I was really too nervous about how loud it was. It was the first time I have felt really "motherly." As we left I started to get a little teary (which has happened a lot more lately) about leaving, and I think it was sinking in that I can't really do all the things that I want to anymore, and this kid isn't even here yet! Still, I felt good about leaving. They were good, and would be in a decent venue, and I'm satisfied knowing that.

So we got home, and Derrick gave me my anniversary present early. Which, by the way, was unexpected. We never exchange gifts for our anniversary, but instead go on a trip or buy something we can use together. Well, he did an AMAZING job and surprised me with the best gift ever!!!

A new camera!!!!! A Nikon D40. He did all the research and decided that this was the one to get. I'm so impressed. And, of course, I love it! We set it up that night so we could take it to the fair the next day. What a stud!!

The fair was, as usual, awesome. Flavored milk, roasted corn, turkey leg, cream puff. All the best fair foods. We played bingo, and I won Loser's Bingo with the worst possible card, scoring myself 20 bucks. Nice.

Oh, and just one of the many reasons why I love Derrick: he poses for crazy pictures, like this:

What other grown man do you know that would do that for his wife? The people behind me were cracking up. Ha.

We left and hit the pool for a little bit until it started to rain. Then we were off to dinner at Capital Grille, which was delicious. I highly recommend the Spinach Salad with warm bacon dressing. Soooo good!!! Sufficiently stuffed, we headed home and watched Michael Phelps snag his first gold medal.

Great day overall. Great 5 years. I'm sure 5 more great ones to come!


Linda said...

Yay for your camera! I am so happy for you, I know how much you wanted it. Good job Derrick.

I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert when I was pregnant with Carter and I worried the whole time about him too. Mostly it was the second-hand pot smoke. Now that I think about it, that would explain a lot... Welcome to the wonderful worry-ful world of motherhood!

Lara said...

OMGosh we LIVE at Capital Grille! (Obviously Chad does more than me) They use so much butter it's a crime, but sooooo good!

Happy 5th Anniversary! I think you need to blow up that pic of Derrick and put it somewhere highly visible...


Dave said...

Happy Anniversary!

Kaylynn said...

Glad to hear Derrick is keeping it real. And I agree, nice job on the camera! How fun!

Celine & Cameron said...

Happy anniversary!!