Friday, August 01, 2008

Buyer Beware

My car has been rattling around for awhile now, the door handle has been busted for months, and I finally decided to do something about it. Kohl's is partnered with a local mechanic, Scotty's of Brookfield, giving employees a special rate. So we decided to have them look at it and see what we needed to have done.

They picked it up from Kohl's and took it back to their shop where they looked it over and called back with an estimate. A super high estimate. So we decided to go elsewhere. When I called to tell them this, Carol, the crusty crab who manages it asked me for my credit card number. Uh...for what?? She said they charge a diagnostic fee of 90 dollars, and that she told me this when I made the appointment. Really, if you know me, I would have said a big hell to the no on that one. Especially since I got 3 free quotes from other garages in the area. Well, she and I got into it over the phone, she insisting she told me, and me insisting she did NOT. I told her I would not pay, and she said she would not take my car back to Kohl's. I said fine, I'd go pick it up myself, and she said she would not release it to me. I finally relinquished to this spawn of Satan and spit my number to her. I then told her I have never dealt with such a shady business before and that I would tell everyone I knew to never take their car to them. At the end she said "Thanks very much" and I said "you're NOT welcome" and hung up on her. And then I burst into tears.

Well, I told Derrick what happened and he was pretty pissed too, so he wrote a letter to HR.

Just wanted to make you aware of the terrible service and unethical treatment I received from Scotty's Firestone in the last 2 days. I took advantage of the Kohl's Perks website to see if Scotty's could get me a better deal on my car than other mechanics I had previously received estimates from. All other mechanics gave me free estimates of what my car would cost to get repaired.

Without letting me know, Scotty's charged me $89/hr for the ESTIMATE plus tax equalling $93.54. They are the only service that charged me, plus on the Perks website it states Scotty's will charge us Kohl's employees a discounted $69 hr/rate. The lady at Scotty's claimed this rate was only for service performed. That was my point exactly and this should have been free, since no service was performed. She then said I would be charged $89/hr since it was not labor.

Whatever the explanation, it was NEVER communicated that I would be charged, nor did I think I would not get a discount for being a Kohl's employee. Please be advised that Kohl's needs to communicate to them in my behalf and other employees in the future. I really feel that I should not be charged at all. Truly, Scotty's is not a PERK.

They emailed him back saying they were discontinuing their service with them. So take that Scotty's!!! You suck!!


Yours, Mine, & Crazy Daisy said...

I'm steamed for you too! Hopefully they loss lots of business! If you are still looking for a good mechanic, try

they are really good, honest, and fair. I know lots of people who go there because they were recommended from others. Good luck!

SyXbiT said...

If you have a good CC company you can then reclaim. (Amex is good at this)
I've had this happen before.
I give them my CC#, only to then call Amex, and have them cancel the charge.
works like a charm.
You should still try it.
Tell them that you didn't authorise the charge, which you didn't.
I bet you have good odds

Lara said...

What a ripoff! Glad you guys exposed them. DORKS! (Them, not you!)

Sorry you're out the $$, though.

Ashley C. said...

you go girl... and derek too.

wackywilsons said...

Good for you for doing something about poor customer service...I am sorry you had to go through all of that nonsense!

excited to hear about your new decorating plans though in your apartment and how you'll start to micromanage your small space;)

Jake, Sarah and Jackson said...

Way to stand up to that shady mechanic shop Karen!

NelsonFamily said...

yeah, I agree with syxbit, get a hold of your Credit Card Company and reverse the charge. Why is it auto mechanics that are always so shady? Glad that Derrick took the time to write the letter.

Dave said...

Karen and Derrick!

Just call your credit card number and DISPUTE the charge. We have done it before for other companies that did shady stuff. Every credit card performs this service. You just let the credit card company know that you never received the service that they charged you for. DO THIS. I am 2/3 a lawyer and want you to know it's legal. :)