Thursday, August 14, 2008

Put him on the DL

I got canceled from work tonite (which was rather annoying since they forgot to call me when they were supposed to and wound up calling me while I was 2 blocks form work. Arg.) so I was able to go to Derrick's softball game. Of course, I took my new camera. (Who needs a name, I think...any suggestions?)
Derrick at bat
The prettiest blue eyes this side of the Mississippi, Miss Samantha
Yes, Derrick hath injured himself. Pulled a hammy. Tsk, tsk. He can now barely walk and hobbles around.
Carter's bubble machine taking a much needed rest.

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Sara and Brian said...

Karen! Hey love your blog. It's not all talk about knitting anymore! And believe it or not, we have a blog too. We are still working the kink outs...we are new to it, ya know. Our address is Love your prego pictures. And now I know what's going on with you. Although, are you bored a lot...there are a lot of posts this week! He he. Love ya