Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beware, little animals

My car is a roadkill magnet. A few weeks ago I hit a squirrel, and the other night, in the SAME PLACE I HIT THE SQUIRREL, I hit a possum. An opposum? Either way, I swerved and braked this time, and his little red eyes looked up at me, and then THUMP THUMP! He was dead. So sad.

So little forest animals, take heed. If you see a large, menacing, light purple Toyota Corolla on Bradley Rd, just stay on the curb still I pass.

I'm starting to get a complex when I drive that stretch of road.


MidCityGal said...

Ha! It might not be your fault. It might just be statistically probable given the insane amount of small animals that frequent Wisconsin roads. My husband says that he feels like he's in a Disney movie when he drives around here: tons of bunnies, squirrels, (o)possums, raccoon, etc.

Don't feel bad. Although, as I read back over my comment, I realize that the Disney reference might tug at your heartstrings a bit.

Nick Becker said...

When I was kid, my Grandma got bit by a opposum in the arm. She had to have shots in her stomach daily.

Jodee Luke said...

my sister hit a bunny the Saturday before Easter....we haven't had presents since. Sad....about the no presents thing.

Dave said...

The same thing happened to George on Seinfeld. You gotta call a truce with the animals.


Also... LIGHT PURPLE? Really?