Monday, November 24, 2008

Only one

I swear, I'm the only person left who has NOT seen Twilight yet. People who haven't even read the books have seen it and I haven't. I was supposed to go Friday night with some friends but then I had to work. I was SO bummed. I've heard mixed reviews-so I'm really interested to see how I like it.

Meanwhile, I've been hearing a lot of Muse on the radio, and loving it. But it got me thinking why an older song like "Supermassive Blackhole" is now suddenly all over the airwaves. Then I hear it's from the Twilight soundtrack. Aha. Stephanie Meyer is all about Muse--I think she's secretly hoping to meet them one day by how much she talks about them. Well, her obsession and gushing about them is a little much, but I too love Muse, so whatever gets them more airplay is fine by me.

In other music news, I won tickets at work to see Neil Diamond tonight. Yeah, I dig him. So does Derrick. I think it'll be a pretty decent concert, too. I just hope he plays "Forever in Blue Jeans". Not only my favorite Neil song, it's a way of life.

In non-music related news, I got the most blessed of calls this morning at 5:30 am--that I don't have to go into work. Ecstatic, I get up and pee and hop back into my toasty bed for another 4 or so hours. Not so much. 6:30 am I get a call again. "Whoops--we messed up. You need to come in." I was so ticked. I laid in bed a little bit longer before getting up and getting ready. I go to leave and what's this? White stuff everywhere?? Yes. Snow. Great. As if I wasn't grumpy enough already. It takes me an hour to get to work. I am not a happy nurse. I think I complained enough because they worked it out so that I could leave at 2. Happy again!

In baby news-I'm now 33 weeks. Only 7 left to go. If I think about how soon that is, I start to panic a little. My belly is definitely starting to get out there. She has hiccups a lot, which is fun to feel. She also digs into my ribs, which is not so fun to feel. I'm super excited to fly to Texas on Wednesday for Thanksgiving (it's in the 70's!) and see my family--but not super excited to sit on a crappy Northwest flight for 5 hours. I can't even get comfortable on my own sofa or LoveSac, let alone on a piece of poo plane seat. Wish me luck.

Guess that's enough randomness for one post, eh?


Amy North said...

Well miss Karen, your comfort level is only going to go downhill from here. :) but if you've got some time while you're in Texas, you're welcome to come see us and see if you can get comfortable on OUR LoveSac. :) let me know if you wanna swing by, we're here all weekend. Have a safe trip!

Samantha said...

I'll believe that your belly is out there when I see it!

So you can go on a flight? I thought they didn't let you in your last trimester?

You are so close! So exciting!! Zara used to get hiccups all the time, it kind of freaked me out.
YOU WON NEIL DIAMOND TICKETS? That's sweet. William's going to be jealous, he loves him some Diamond.

Ashley C. said...

oh i am so jealous that you got neil diamond tickets. forever in blue jeans is the best neil song for sure. oh i cant wait for that post.
good luck with the flight! :)

Ligia said...

Haven't seen Twilight either, nor have I read the books. I mean, Vampires...really? Maybe I'll cave in someday, but for now I'm good reading "How to make your own baby food" books. My life is exhilarating, isn't it?!

And 7 weeks!! SO exciting!