Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

This Christmas has been different in so many ways. For starters, it's our first Christmas away from any family since we've been married. Number one because I can't travel this close to my due date, and number two I have to work. I worked last night on Christmas Eve and I'm at work now. A total bummer, but so far no tears! I've talked myself into having a good attitude about it and just enjoying spending what time I could with Derrick, and making the most of my 8 hour shift with my coworkers--and we do have a good group on tonite so it makes it a little better.

It's also the first Christmas we've spent in Milwaukee. We had our own little Christmas morning and opened the few gifts we had under our tree. Derrick, I have to say, did awesome and got me great gifts. An electric broom, that sucks up as it sweeps (an answer to a prayer if you remember reading my post on floor care...or lack thereof...). I also got a bigger food processor, which I love, and which I intend to use making baby food. He also got me fun stocking stuffers, and wrapped each and every one, even the gum and the travel sized Febreze. He totally outdid me this year, and made me feel like a total gift slacker.

I haven't been hungry in like 3 days. Yesterday for Christmas Eve we made a big dinner and had our friends the O'Neills over (who are stuck here with a baby on the way too). I stuffed myself and then came into work only to snack on more goodies that were laying around. Then this morning we headed over to their place for a delicious brunch.

It's definitely been a different feeling Christmas season for us, but it's made us grateful for what we have, especially in these trying times. I've loved being able to spend lots of time with Derrick doing Christmas-y things, and I'm looking foward to the upcoming days that he has off where we can just hang out and spend more time together.

I hope everyone's having a great Christmas, and enjoying whatever it is you're doing. I've been blessed in more ways than I can count, and I'm so thankful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, at this time of year, and always.

Merry Christmas! I love you all!


Jessica said...

Hey we had a good Christmas here in Texas. It was something like 70 degrees. Crazy. Last stop was Aunt Linda's. Your parents taught us how to play Phase 10. Of course your dad won.


wackywilsons said...

I can relate with a non-traditional my post...I can relate!

Good for you for having a good attitude....i keep checking on your baby status since mine is so close to yours as well. Just want to see MORE pics before this girl comes!