Sunday, December 21, 2008


We woke up this morning to a temperature of -6. NEGATIVE FIVE. THAT'S NOT WITH THE WIND CHILL EITHER, FOLKS. Wind chill temp: -33.

We've since warmed up to zero, with a wind chill of -22.

Break out the swimsuits.


Nikki said...

I'm not going to lie..that sucks! I was going to answer your question about the sleep book you told me about..I have read it and I like it a lot! I'm trying most all of the techniques but I guess Miles just changes things on me...good luck with the cold. You'll get through!

E.F.G. said...

i know, i's not fair. but really, -33 is pushing it. do you have a full length North Face quilted jacket or does baby warm up your core temp enough?

Caitlin said...


Kathryn Sutton said...

Thanks for helping us NOT miss Wisconsin. You're a true friend.

wackywilsons said...

Wow....that snow is very intense.I sure hope you have this baby with plenty of time to arrive at the hospital!

I can totally relate with those contractions and having the need to "nest" and prepare your home for this little baby. I posted some belly pics as well...although I look SO MUCH BIGGER than you my friend!

My date got bumped up to the 17th of, I hope that he comes! Maybe you and I will have the same due date:) Then they could meet and get married someday!

Your bedding is adorable, and I am so impressed that you are so talented. Mrs. Domestic Diva!