Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy Nude New Year!

It's 2009! That's crazy! I honestly don't know where 2008 even went!

We spent New Years Eve with friends and had a fabulous fondue dinner. And even though everyone left by 11:30, it was still fun. Today we slept in, had a nice big breakfast, watched the Rose Parade, and took down our Christmas decorations. So sad. We had dinner with more friends and now we're just being blobs on the couch. Derrick has had a cold for like a week, and has passed it onto me. Which sucks. I can't really take anything (or at least I don't want to), so I'm just dealing with the sore throat and all that goes along with it.

Anyone making any New Years resolutions? I think my main one is just to try and keep my child alive. You know, start out slow.

Overall, 2008 was a pretty great year. We were able to travel a lot, and see family a lot. I can't believe I've been working for a year already. I love my job (most days...when I'm not so pregnant) and Derrick's been blessed with a stable job. We've been able to start expanding our own little family. We've enjoyed the company of good friends. We've been healthy. We don't have very much to complain about these days, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

I'm sure 2009 will be quite different for us than years past, but I'm excited to see what it brings!

Happy New Year!

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