Thursday, February 05, 2009

Getting my 8 glasses in

Breastfeeding makes me thirstier than a camel in hell. Combine that with the dryness I live in and I'm practically a raisin. Parched.

Solution: drink water!
Problem: I don't really like water.
Solution: Crystal Light!

These little bad boys are an answer to my prayers. I can down a whole glass of water in seconds when it's flavored with this powdered goodness. Derrick says it's not water anymore. Pfft. Whatever. Water is water is water, right?

Fruit Punch is usually my flavor of choice, despite the fact it turns everything it touches a bright, bright red. The new White Grape is pretty tasty, too. I tried Wal-Mart brand Cherry Limeade with high expectations, only to be sorely disappointed. I think the box with the remaining 9 packets still resides in my cupboard.

Bottom's up!


Lara said...

Oh, no no no no no no. You are missing the TWO best flavors entirely!!! You will DIE for Strawberry/Orange/Banana, and Cherry/Pomegranate. DELISH.

Just watch out for the Cherry/Pomegranate. The powder gets all over everything and you get red EVERYWHERE. You need to be careful when you mix that one!

Tell Derrick it IS water. He's a man. He doesn't understand.

Samantha said...

Doesn't it have splenda in it? I feel like splenda will kill me.

Jodee Luke said...

I've been using this same principle but with hot chocolate. It only has 25 cals and counts as water and a dessert! I'll have to give these flavs a whirl.

Lindsey said...

I love Crystal Light. I'll have to try those flavors and on the go packets. Casey is the same way as Derrick. He would love it if he didn't know it was sugar free.

DeAnn said...

We like the Wal-Mart Cranberry/Apple and Orange. I usually can't stand the after taste of sugar free drinks but I actually like the walmart ones. Jonathan drinks the stuff at an alarming rate though.
And yes, it's still water.