Monday, May 18, 2009

Beef Jerky Love

I love beef jerky. I mean, who doesn't? While we were in Seattle this past fall we visited a friend who lives in the same building at Mr. Oberto. You know, the Oberto's of beef jerky fame. He told us he knows him and he's always trying to get our friend to join him on the Condo Association Board.

Well, a couple weeks ago Saturday we were at Sam's Club and there were some Oberto's beef jerky samples, which we happily munched on as we shopped. Derrick texted our friend in Seattle and told him we were eating some Oberto's jerky and thought about him.

The next Monday morning our friend was riding the elevator down with Mr. Oberto and our friend showed him the text Derrick sent and Mr. Oberto said, "If he's thinking about me on a Saturday, he needs some beef jerky!"

Well, lo and behold, today we got that jerky. It was like Christmas morning! This is how it was packaged:

And look at what was inside!!

We'll be eating jerky for months! I feel like I should go on a road trip somewhere so we can eat this jerky, since that seems to be the only time I ever eat it.

Moral of the story: You never know what will happen when you tell someone you're thinking about them!


Daniel Smith said...

WHAT!!! I love beef jerky! I like the peppered ones and they hot and spicy is the bomb too.

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

I love that stuff. Many many a canoe trip involved oberto jerky. Great story!

Emmy said...

Awesome! Lucky you!

Nikki said...

Spencer wishes he lived with you now! I've never been a fan of the jerky but everyone else seems to like it. I wanted to comment on your balding post by saying that I lost SOOOO much hair from the front of my head that I've had to cut bangs to help them grow out. I shell out like 50 bucks to get mine cut because it's SOOO worth it. I hate the balding part of having a kid. My new hair is barely growing and it's all in the front...where my bangs and side part it's very obvious and now I have to cut my hair and bangs short to hide them while they grow. It's so ugly and I hate it. I mean, it's been a year now and by the time I have another kid I don't think this hair will grow back. I guess it's one of the many sacrifices we make as mommies. Good luck with yours and you should shell out whatever money to make you feel better about it. I don't think it's bad:)