Monday, May 11, 2009

Cry, baby, cry...make your mother sigh....

....she's old enough to know better, so cry, baby, cry.

Lyrics...anyone, anyone?

This weekend I said "ENOUGH with getting up in the middle of the night to feed!" I knew Miss Summer wasn't hungry, it was just habit. How do I know this? Because like clockwork she wakes up at 2:15 am. Her little internal clock just got stuck. So I put my foot, and my boobs, down and decided to let her cry it out until she started sleeping through the night. Because really, she is old enough to know better now. So cry, baby, cry.

Friday night she cried for about 45 minutes at 3 am and then fell back asleep. I drifted in and out of sleep while she cried, going in to comfort her once. I can take the full out crying, but it's the little whimpers that tug at my heart. So sad.

Saturday night I was so tired from being awake the night before I didn't hear her until she was crying, when usually I hear her when she is just making little peeps. This is at 2:15 am. So I go in and comfort her and tell her to go back to sleep, and I go back to bed, thinking I'll go in again in 20 minutes if she's not asleep. Well...I'm so tired, I sleep through her crying and don't wake up for about 45 minutes. I go in to check on her and she's broken through her swaddle. I re-wrap her and she cries for about 5 minutes then goes back to sleep.

Sunday night, she doesn't wake up until 6 am the next morning. She didn't cry once. Can it be that she learned in only 2 nights? Let's hope so. Although she's not so hot on the predictability scene. Still, it felt pretty good to get 8 hours of sleep!! And if you saw me this weekend and I looked like death, now you know why!


Daniel Smith said...

Can you take me back where I been from, can you take me back?

I think the White Album is my favorite. How's the miracle blanket working out?

Emmy said...

Yeah I hope for you that it was that easy to! Good job!

Scott said...

That's a cool song. Who are "The Beatles" that sing it?

Miriam said...

Let us know if she continues this streak of sleeping through the night. Piper totally does the same thing. Waking up at 2 every night. Maybe it's time to let her cry?!?!