Friday, May 29, 2009

Reality Recap

I know I'm overdue, but this past season of reality TV was awesome.

Most recent, Kris Allen. Decent voice, boy-next-door appeal. I tried voting for him for an hour after the finale but could never get through. It could have been anyone else in that position for all I cared, I would have voted for anyone BUT that mangina Adam Lambert.

Next up: Survivor. Always a great show. This season had much less drama than past seasons, but wasn't JT just so darn adorable? That accent, what a doll! I'm so glad he won. Stephen was such a goober. Not surprised JT won with a unanimous vote.

And my favorite by far: Biggest Loser Couples. Would you hit this?

Probably not. But would you hit this?

Hell yeah! Hard to believe it's the same kid! What a little hottie! Even though he and his dad got a little cocky at the end, I still wanted Mike to win. Helen only won because she starved herself I'm sure. She looked so gaunt at the finale. I think Tara really thought she had it in the bag. Her expression when she saw her weight said it all. Too bad, sucka!

I really wanted Margie and Luke to win the Amazing Race, but I was happy with Victor and Tammy. Just as long as those bitchy cheerleaders didn't win. I thought Luke was cute too. But maybe I just loved that he was deaf.

These shows are always more enjoyable when good looking people win. I'm just sayin'.


wackywilsons said...

I loved the biggest loser must have some good TIVO to see all these shows! I had to flip back and forth since they were on at the same time.

Your baby girl is adorable as always. You into your slim 6 yet?

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

How does your hubby feel about comments about that "biggest loser" guy you would "hit?"

Maria said...

Karen, I wish you lived close by so we could watch amazing race and Biggest loser together. We wanted the same people to win, but sadly they did not. How is your etsy stuff coming. I check regularly.