Sunday, August 02, 2009

7 months!

Where has my sweet baby gone? She's turned into a little girl! (Don't you love the braids!?)

She had a slow start with solids, but has picked up the pace recently. All it took was a few bites of Carson's banana to realize there's more to eating than just green mush. She's been a great eater ever since. She's had green beans, broccoli, peas, carrots, and bananas. And a few pieces of bread tossed in here and there.

She loves to play with her feet, and luckily hasn't figured out how to eat them yet.

I'm a mean mom and made her cry it out last week so now we're back to sleeping through the night. She goes down between 6:30 and 7 and wakes up between 5 and 6 am. Then I feed her and she'll sleep till around 8 or 9. Oh, sleep, glorious sleep. How I've missed you.

Her latest trick is sitting up all by herself. She doesn't always catch herself if she starts to fall, but I think a couple of head bumps on the floor has her catching on pretty quick that she should try a little harder.

The kid talks all. the. time. I love it. She's learned how to really squeal, which she usually does when it's supposed to be really quiet.

Last week we went on a walk and I blew some bubbles I picked up at the Dollar store. She stared at them and then started cracking up. She has never laughed so hard like that before and I practically started crying it was so adorable. Of course, when I tried to do it again and catch it on video she didn't do it. And FYI....these Dollar store bubbles are THE BEST bubbles I have ever used. They make beautiful bubbles, TONS of colors, and you get a truckload of bubbles in just one dip. Check em out. You can get Dora, Diego, or Spongebob bubbles. I'm seriously debating going and buying them out of the rest.

"Hey! Look at me!!"

Parents say all the time how they love to watch their kids learn new things, and I'll admit I always thought that sounded so lame. But now we just watch her as she plays with a new toy, or tries to figure out how to get something. It's true, we love to watch her learn new things.

She's the best, and we are SO lucky to have her! We love you Summer!
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Jodee Luke said...

what a cutie! i love all the pictures:)

PAYTON Fam said...

Wow she has gotten so big so fast! Goes to show you how our hang-out nights have been MIA lately. Yeah on the food and sleeping!

DeAnn said...

She's so cute! How have 7 months gone by that fast?

Silvs said...

I try and refrain from commenting on these posts because I know there are already going to be a dozen others saying how cute Summer is, but seriously...she's so darling. It melts me just seeing her on your blog. Beautiful little baby girl. Good job, you two.

Lara said...

I always say 6-9 months is my favorite age! Their little personalities really come out!

And yes, it is SO fun to see them learn and discover the world around them--it makes you, as a parent, feel alive. :-)

Emmy said...

So cute!! Love all the pictures, the braids definitely make her look older.
It really does go too quick.

Sarah said...

Summer is so cute and she is totally turning into a little girl! It's crazy how fast the time goes by once you have a child.

Kori and Brad said...

I can't believe she has so much hair!
Tell Derrick I say hi! (Does Dan and his wife have a blog??) It's fun to see how the LaCosta crew is doing these days...

k said...

Hooray for these sitting, solid-food eating, adorable children :)

Stewart Family said...

Wow, what great hair! I can't believe you can put it in braids already :o) Such a cute girl.