Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fairest of the Fair

Tuesday we went to the fair...finally! I have been impatiently waiting all year for it, having high hopes for it to be all I imagined it to be.

It did NOT fail to deliver!

I was really nervous that Summer wouldn't do well, especially without naps, but she was a superstar. We were there from about 1-8pm and she took maybe a 15 minute snooze in her stroller while walking around, and she was just happy as a clam looking around and checking things out. She loves the fair just like her mama!

THE FOOD! The day we went the fair was having a promotion where selected food vendors had items on sale. BONUS! We could eat even MORE for LESS!

We started off the day with flavored milk. Strawberry, banana and root beer. Root beer is the absolute BEST. It's like the end of a root beer float. So tasty.

Next up, BBQ turkey sandwich. Yum.

Moving quickly onto roasted corn. I told Derrick it would be pretty sweet to own one of those roasters. One day. Apparently you can rent them, though.

The big buzz this year was chocolate covered bacon on a stick. Of course we had to try it. And for only a buck? You better believe it. I thought it was pretty good. A nice mix of sweet and salty. And bacony.

We also tried a fried PB&J on a stick, which was my favorite. I'm pretty sure it was a batter-dipped Uncrustable. It was delicious. The peanut butter was all melty and the jam was warm and gooey. I wanted a 2nd one. And not share. Mmmm...

We had half of a Philly cheese steak sandwich, which had some mystery white "cheese" sauce on it. Pretty sure it was mostly butter. Can't go wrong with that.

Then we munched on a slice of Palermo's pizza and headed over to the crown jewel of the Wisconsin State Fair......

The Cream Puff.

Just as creamy and delicious as always. I ate the whole thing myself. Don't judge.

All Summer ate was her feet. (Which she has recently learned. I jinxed myself.)

We played Bingo, and just like every year, we won something! Derrick won in a drawing and scored a sweeeet travel sleep set, complete with silky blue blanket and matching eye mask in a convenient travel case.

And I found out what my photo placed! Drum roll please.......THIRD!

I took a picture of the 1st and 2nd place photos. You be the judge.

Second, behind the bread
I like the 1st place picture. More than mine? Meh.

But look what won 1st over my fruits/veggies picture:

Are you kidding me? That thing is hideous. I don't care if it's "clever". It's ugly. Boo.

Look who I met! Abe Lincoln! I have no idea what he was doing there. But I told him to "Keep it honest, Abe!"

Even these sheep know the 80's are back. Check out those legwarmers.

These giant bananas were all the rage this year in the midway. What are you going to do with a giant banana? That's what she said.

I really wanted to go on the slide, but alas, I'm only 28 and my parents live in Texas.

I really wanted to see the worlds smallest horse, or the spider woman, or the 200 pound snake, but Derrick wouldn't let me. Instead, I saw the monkey with a human face. And I didn't even have to go in the exhibit! Zing!

Overall, it was a fabulous day, and tons of fun. The weather was absolutely perfect, and we had such a great time with our little family. And Summer slept SO great that night! :)

Until next year!


Emmy said...

This post makes me hungry! I want to try the fried pb&J now too!
Congrats again on the prize for your picture.

Silvs said...

Zing indeed! Love it.

I do really like that first place photo, although yours is way better than second. Maybe a tie for numero uno.

DeAnn said...

How fun. The food part made me a little sick...

I vote first place for both of your pictures!

The Laws said...

The deep-fried PB&J was our favorite this year...followed by the deep-fried Oreos! Congrats on your picture! I would have voted it first place.

Jessica said...

Oh that looked like SOOOOOO much fun. Glad someone gets to eat that way and not gain a pound.

Love ya,

Samantha said...

Man, this is awesome. I'm jealous. There's no way I'm truckin' myself to a fair in my condition but they are SO FUN and William wants to go to one so bad. Specifically the Iowa one. Won't happen this year :(
Your picture placed 3rd?!?!? That's AWESOME!!!

k said...

I love this post. And now I'm hungry...