Saturday, August 22, 2009

Resigned to re-sign

Nothing will make me madder faster than watching “House Hunters” on HGTV.

“Bob and Amy are looking for a new home in Texas. They would like 19 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a 6 car attached garage, a finished basement as big as a football field, a giant fenced in yard with a swimming pool, lazy river, and tube slides. Their budget is $120,000. Let’s see if we can find Bob and Amy the home of their dreams!”

The part that pisses me off is that they usually do.

We threw in the towel and re-signed our lease here. But not after an extensive search for homes to buy and homes to rent and bigger apartments to rent. And we came up empty. Why don’t rentals come with fridges? What is up with that?

It just really sucks that we are stuck in the middle of home prices. We could afford something small in the city of Milwaukee but we’d outgrow it pretty quickly and have to move in a couple years. Who wants to do that? But we’re just shy of being able to afford something we could live in for years and years in Menomonee Falls. Arg.

I get really frustrated when I see all of our friends with homes and I wonder why can’t we? But you never really know someone else’s financial situation, do you? Maybe they received inheritances. Maybe their parents paid their down payments (Say whaaaat?). Maybe they are in crazy credit card debt.

We have received no inheritance, we get zero financial help from our parents, and I’m happy to say the only debt we have is my student loan. Then I start to feel a little better, knowing that when we finally do find a house and buy it, we can say we did it all on our own, and I’ll be really proud of that.

In the meantime, we’re still in our little apartment. I’ve been going through everything again getting rid of junk and finally letting go of clothes that will never ever fit me again in this lifetime. And trying to think of the positives about rental living:

  • Snow removal
  • Lawn care
  • Pool
  • Maintenance men
  • The loud dog that barks next door. Oh wait….

So, we will continue to look, and continue to save and hopefully find something in the spring. And we won’t be house poor for at least another 6 months. Yay! That means we can still do fun things for a little bit longer. :)


Angie Lewis said...

I have to agree with you... I feel like we're the only ones still renting too. It gets so frustrating when everyone else seems to find a house that works out just right for them. I've been wanting to get into a house for ages.... Maybe next move. Good luck!

Emmy said...

Yeah and don't forget when you own a home, if anything breaks you have to pay for it. Owning a home is really more expensive then you think.

Jodee Luke said...

Oh Bob and Amy paid waaay too much-they can snag one by a lake for $110,000. And yes SUPER frustrating!!!!

Tamara said...

We are going through the same thing Karen! It is super frustrating, and time consuming, and the list goes on and on. Why must it be so hard?

Jessica said...

So Sorry Karen, I'm rooting for you guys to find a little place of your very own, so I can come party in it! It's easy to be jealous of friends with parents who help them out, but you are right about feeling so good when you know you guys did it yourselves. Keep shopping, when you least expect it, the right house will reveal itself.

Celine + Cameron said...

I totally understand your frustration. It's the same thing out here in San Diego, everything is so expensive but somehow, people around us seem to be able to buy houses but we're still renting a one-bedroom apartment?? Some day... until then, enjoy your extra fun money and know that it's not just you :)

Lara said...

We went through the same thing, for a long time. Trust me, when it's RIGHT, it will happen for you guys. You won't have to "fight for it" like you've had to--everything will fall into place.

I wholeheartedly believe this. Don't let it get you down!

Scott said...

I know of a nice and glorious 3 bed 2 bath in Provo. I know you've always wanted to be under me.

Lindsey said...

I can commiserate with you. We won't have a house for a while. Casey and I would love it if our parents could pay for a down payment like it seems everyone else's parents do, but at the same time we're happy to know that once we do buy a house it will be from OUR hard work.

Samantha said...

Man, if I quoted everything in this post that I relate to you SO MUCH on, I'd have to quote 90% of the post. I know we kinda talked about this already. But I had to say it again.

Sarah said...

Karen I totally know how you feel... except I am back at that point where I think renting is the GREATEST thing ever right now! I love all of the POSITIVES that come with renting... especially not having to worry about being "house poor"!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's all a government conspiracy if you ask me..."the man" wants us all to struggle through life paying a hefty chunk of our incomes to support a bankrupt system to some day barely afford a mortgage that they are going to own anyways seeing as the mortgage security industry is run by the government itself. Basically the government wants to own us, so don't blame yourself or your situation...Uncle Sam is to blame for everything. They are probably responsible for the days with crappy weather and for getting rid of the McRib sandwich at McDonald's (Yeah, it was my favorite too) So hang in there champ, having a mortgage just means you're another drone to make somebody else a whole bunch of money...Branbury

Maria said...

We feel your pain!