Monday, September 21, 2009

Facebook is killing my blog

I’ve been such a slacker blogger lately, and I blame Facebook. It’s so easy to sum up what’s going on in one neat little status. I guess it’s just as well, though. Apparently I’ve been offending everyone and their mother with my posts lately.

If' I’ve offended you, well that’s just too damn bad. Just kidding. I’m really sorry. It’s never my intent to offend anyone…at least not any one individual….Really, you can’t take anything too seriously on here. It’s called The Wet Donkey for freak’s sake. I’m not waxing philosophical or anything. Let’s all lighten up, eh?

Moving on…

We had our home inspection today, and it went great. Tom, our inspector, explained everything to us, and while most of it was a foreign language (R2 insulated, electrical bus bar??) we learned a lot already about our new little home and where everything is. I was getting so excited just walking through every room and picturing our things in there and the little changes I want to make. Because really, there are no huge changes that need to be made. We could not do anything and it would be fine. (But come on, who doesn’t want to have their own choice of paint on the walls?) Speaking of paint colors, who wants to be my colorist? I need help. I have ideas, but I’m such an amateur when it comes to this stuff.

Our freezer has an ice maker. I love that. It’s the little things, right?


Amy North said...

Who in the WORLD could you have possibly offended? Someone from New Orleans? I love your blog, Karen; it makes me a smile on an as-often-as-you-post-things basis. Especially the pics of Summer--that girl is just so darned happy! It's sickeningly adorable. I say keep doing what you're doing, don't you let nobody bring you down! Word!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Karen, I love your blog and other people in my office who you don't know love it also. It's a refreshing change.

You have never offended me.

Long-live the Wet Donkey!
Down with Facebook!


Jodee Luke said...

ah the electrical bus bar...good choice.

Linda said...

Quite honestly, I am offended that you think I was offended. And even more offended that you would talk about me like that on your blog (ya, I know it was me that you were talking about). :)

I am so glad that the inspection went well! Yeah for your new house!

Emmy said...

Yeah, I completely thought what Amy did are people offended that you went on vacation?? Or that you are a BYU fan? Those people just shouldn't be your friends.

Congrats again on the new home!
And yeah, definitely not a color expert myself either.

Lara said...

I love your double front doors! I had those in Denver, and it was AWESOME. Especially when you have to move stuff in the house!


Ruth said...

I'm glad your inspection went well. I remember the one we did when we almost bought last year (maybe it was the same guy!). Even though it was like 300 dollars it was totally worth it and definitely learned so much- much more than many college classes!

Silvs said...

Who got offended? I want their names.

You know what's funny? Those people who were offended are now offended that people are even surprised that they were offended in the first place, and that you even bothered mentioning it.

Offend away!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

I'm kind of offended for not being offended. Am I not good enough to be offended?


Maria said...

I wasn't going to say anything but now I think it is appropriate to say that I am offended that you are having so much fun without me. I am offended that you can eat all that yummy food and look so cute and skinny. I could go on. . . :)