Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Food storage

The past couple months I've started to get more interested in obtaining a year's supply of food, as our church encourages. One of the biggest struggles we've had is lack of space. Now that we'll be in a home (hopefully....we were supposed to close today but the appraisal didn't go through and now we're just waiting to see if the 3rd one gets passed) we will have plenty of space to store it. It's daunting at first just getting started, but like all things, you just have to start.

Luckily, Emergency Essentials has a blog, and both make it easy to start! They are even giving away two $10 gift cards! Go here for one(or click the button below) and and here for the other.

I used their analyzer to see how many days I could feed my family with our current "storage" and it said only 6.66 days. Yikes! Better start adding to our storage so we won't starve!!

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heidi678 said...

Here's 2 other great websites (thanks for your inspiration):

Will and Melissa said...

Thanks for those details! I really need to get in gear! We would starve for sure! :(

Lara said...

Actually, the guidelines now are to have 3-6 months' worth. A lot of people prefer to have a year, but if you have 3-6 months, you're looking better than most people.

Hope all goes through without any problems!

Anonymous said...

Yo, there is a sweet "one time" deal out there that gets shipped to your front door and contains enough food for your entire family for a whole year that has a shelf life of 30+ years. The food is actually better than what I make using fresh ingredients. I will get you the info if you want...we have it and it all fits in the space the size of a refrigerator. Amazing...

lanni said...

hey karen - i've been the "food storage specialist" as my calling in our ward for the last year or so - i had no idea what i was doing, but learned a ton and got a good start on our family's food storage. i did a blog while a had the calling (was released a few months ago), that you can check out. i'm by no means an expert, but there are a lot of great links on the sides that you can check for more info and tips on how to get started. i know it's totally overwhelming at first, but you can do it (i'm totally a food storage cheerleader)!

so if you want to check it out:

hope this helps - you can email me if there's anything i can help you figure out. i learned a ton during the last year!