Thursday, October 01, 2009


Summer and I went to Omaha this past weekend to see one of my best good friends of all time, Sara. Derrick was supposed to come with us, but went and changed offices at work and had to travel to Tampa. So, we went without him! The drive was long, but Summer did seriously great. And then we decided to stay an extra day. Ahhh, the life of a stay-at-home-part-time-working-mom. Love it.

Where do I begin describe Sara? We met at BYU in Stats 221 (same class I met Derrick). It was the Fall of 2001 and I didn’t know anyone in that class. So I sat in the back. Well, I wound up sitting by other people on the back row who didn’t know anyone, and we all became fast friends. It was a couple months before Sara and I realized we were next door neighbors. How we never saw each other going into our apartments is beyond me. Well, she wound up leaving BYU that December so we only had a couple months to get to know each other but that was all it took.


One reason I love Sara so much is that she is the complete opposite of a high maintenance friend. You know what a high maintenance friend is, right? Someone who nags when you don’t call them. Complains when you can’t get together with them. Makes you feel guilty for not "being a good friend”. We all have one of these friends, right? Somehow I’ve managed to acquire like, 6. What is up with that? Why do I attract them?? Ugh. Anyway, Sara is none of these. It doesn’t matter how much time passes in between our phone calls or emails, she is always there to chat and catch up. We were in each other’s weddings. We just let loose and be ourselves. And she gives me good advices and tells me like it is. I can pretty much guarantee that I will be friends with Sara until the day either of us dies. I just love this girl.

Anyway….she and her hubby Brian showed Summer and I a good time. We ate, went to the Disneyland of pumpkin patches, ate, watched Wolverine, played Wii Fit, ate, had lunch with the funny and beautiful Abby, and shopped. My sides hurt from playing the hula-hoop game on the Wii. Pathetic, I know! But so fun. This pumpkin patch was no ordinary pumpkin patch. It was huuuuge. And it had tons of food stands and attractions and hay rides and racing pigs and petting zoos and haunted houses and it was just nuts. We even panned for Gold. We didn’t find any, but it was fun anyway. And Summer loved everything. She even picked out a little Summer-sized pumpkin to take home.


I was pretty much exhausted the whole time from driving and Summer waking up during the night for unknown reasons, and the drive home sucked so bad because I was so tired, but we finally made it. We even stopped at the World’s Largest Truck Stop in Iowa, and made a little detour through Madison County Iowa and checked out one of their famous covered bridges. You know, like from the movie. The one we stopped at was called Hogback Bridge. They were usually named after the family that lived closest.


All in all, a great trip. The only that thing could have made it better is if Derrick could have come! Thanks Sara and Brian! aDSC_3834

Hay ride!

aDSC_3836Giant chair! aDSC_3699Another mascot picture!! aDSC_3682 aDSC_3670 Panning for goldaDSC_3661Our treasures!aDSC_3666


Silvs said...

First of all, you're a jerk. I hardly ever complain that you don't call me ever, or that we never get to hang out.

Second, who else is glad that they're not stuck with the name Hogback?

vanessa said...

My sister lives in Iowa and whenever we visit we stop at that truck stop. It's pretty much the only place around, so it'd better be huge! I'll have to check out a Madison County bridge next time I go. Summer is adorable!

DeAnn said...

I love how intent you are searching for gold.

Emmy said...

LOVE that picture of Summer on the pumpkins!!
And I agree with Silvs what kind of a name is Hogback??

Dev/Meg said...

Why does it feel like I haven't seen u in forever?? Hmmm probably because I haven't! Looks like a fun trip!

Maria said...

I agree Sara is awesome! Like you she is hillarious and fun to be around. Of course you make friends with everyone with no problem so it is no surprise that you met the way you did.