Wednesday, November 04, 2009

10 months!

Double digit months! Our darling Miss Summer still continues to entertain us on a daily basis. Her new trick is to yell short outbursts as loud as she can, usually in quiet settings, like church. She has discovered her voice for sure. Sometimes, it drives me absolutely crazy.


She can roll from her back to her tummy, which she will do in her crib and I always find her sleeping on her tummy. I think she sleeps better that way, except when she gets her arms or legs stuck between the slats. Too bad it took her so long to figure that out. Thing is, when she first started doing that she would wake up soaking wet from pee. The diaper soaked through and her jammies and sheets would be wet. Not a fun thing to change at 5 am. I tried plastic pants—no dice. Finally I just put on two diapers and it works like a champ.


She eats like a horse. Half her day is spent in her high chair eating, as you can see from most of these pictures . Breakfast is usually a container of yogurt, a slice of bread, a banana, and maybe a bowl of Cheerios. And she would keep eating I’m sure if I let her. Needless to say, she has developed quite the gut on herself. She also starting to feel really heavy and solid. I don’t have an official weight for her, but I’d say she’s well over 15 pounds.


aDSC_4259She has 3 teeth, two on the bottom and one on her upper left. Tonight she started grinding them together while I was feeding her applesauce and it sent shivers through my whole body. I had to give up and have Derrick finish feeding her. SO NASTY. But her little teeth are pretty cute.


She’s a pretty spunky little kid, and is always giving us crazy faces. We went to Holy Hill to check out the fall colors a few weeks back and I got these two faces from her.

It was pretty chilly that day. Starting out she was doing pretty well.


By the end she wasn’t really having it anymore.  aDSC_4049She’s not crawling yet, but she’s definitely getting much more mobile. She scoots on her bum a little and will bend waaaaay over to try and get something just out of her reach.

It’s hard to believe she’s 10 months old already. She is looking more and more like a little girl and less like a baby. It’s amazing how fast they change.

We sure do love this girl though, and even if she drives me crazy by the end of some days, she has a great dad who loves to play with her when he gets home and gives me a break. She’s always thrilled to see him, and by 5:30, so am I!

Love you, Summer Love!


Emmy said...

Love the picture of her in the carrier! You really do get the best pictures.
She really is at such a fun age. Between her age and 18 months is just so fun (then the terrible two's begin to start...) so enjoy it!

Ligia said...

what a cute little chickadee! ok, she totally has 2 diapers on in the crib picture right? Cause baby looks like she got back.

Melissa said...

She is adorable! I was going to suggest 2 diapers. That's the only thing that worked for my son. Drives you crazy though, huh? And the teeth grinding: totally normal but I absolutely can't stand it either. It's like nails on a chalkboard! AGH!