Sunday, January 24, 2010

In a pickle

Upon noticing that we were fresh out of pickles, I promptly got myself to the grocery store and picked up a jar of Vlasic Baby Kosher Dills, a little different than my usual hamburger chips. I see that crafty little stork all over TV telling me his pickles are the “tastiest crunch you’ve ever heard”. Well, after a day in the fridge so they can get nice and cold I give them a whirl. Not so crunchy. Disappointed, I continued to eat a few but knew my search for the best pickle had to continue. I’ve been an avid pickle lover my entire life, and why I’ve never set out to find the pickle of all pickles is beyond me. (I did visit Gus’s Pickle in NYC and was impressed. Tasty, tasty pickles cured in barrels for weeks.) ANYWAY, I knew the stork had led me astray and I had to look elsewhere.  vlasicNext up, Milwaukee’s Pickle. Can’t go wrong with a hometown favorite now, can you? mkepickle

Far and away, these pickles were tons crunchier and tastier. Now, for a pickle to be considered kosher, it has to have garlic in it. But upon inspection of the Vlasic label, no garlic is on the ingredients list, while it is clearly stated on Milwaukee’s.

But as I continued to peruse the label on Milwaukee’s, to see where they are made, I couldn’t help but notice they are BOTH made by the SAME company: Pinnacle Foods Group, LLC. And should you have questions regarding either product, you can visit VLASIC.COM. FOR BOTH.

I felt so betrayed. A jar of pickles clearly labeled “Milwaukee’s” made in Allenton, PA. Apparently Vlasic bought the small Wisconsin plant for $7.1 million back in the 80’s.

Still, the Milwaukee’s are indeed superior in taste and texture. And bonus: cheaper than Vlasic! I don’t know if they’re made in the same plant or what. Those tricky pickle businessmen.

I don’t even want to try Mt. Olive’s pickles. #1, I hate olives, so the names just throws me right there. #2: their green labels are so sickly looking, it grosses me out. #3: their pickle juice always looks so murky, like a swamp. I don’t want swampy pickles!

Now, Clausen are really yummy. But they are pricey, and since they’re refrigerated, you have to eat them quickly or they’ll go bad. I love pickles, but I can’t go through a jar that quickly. Well, maybe I can.

I eat pickles on my PB&J. Thanks, Dad.

I like dill, kosher dill, sweet, bread & butter. All so yummy.

And yes, I did just do an entire blog post about pickles and my love for them. And I think I shall have one right now.


Emmy said...

My dad used to work in a potato factory, he grew up in Idaho. And he said when they were making the named brand box of potato flakes vs. the cheap stuff.. there was just one ingredient different other wise it was the same stuff being poured into all of those boxes.

Caitlin said...

Oh dear. This post is yet another testament to the fact that I believe we would either be best friends or terrible enemies if we lived close to one another. I too am an avid pickle lover. But, I'm very dismayed at your hatred for olives. What's not to like? Like their pickle friends, they are the salty snacks of the gods.

Bushchicken said...


I distinctly remember a few years ago when you said that Wal-mart peanut butter and, my favorite, Peter Pan peanut butter had to be exactly the same taste because they were made in the same factory. When I stated that I know BY EXPERIENCE that they're not even close, you considered me a commercially-biased dolt.

Justice arriveth.

Stewart Family said...

From one pickle lover to another... Clausen pickles are the BEST!!

Maria said...

Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are so yummy! Biting into a sweet pickle when you want a dill pickle is the worst ever! I just had to add that because there is little worse than that.

Anonymous said...

You may need to consult with the neighborhood Rabbi to confirm the requirements for being labeled "Kosher." I have a Torah which i plan on referencing later on this evening to cofirm or contest your allegations. The Kashrut Law is extensive and may require a little extra studying on my part. I am willing and ready...

King Henry

Bryn said...

I'm not sure...but I do know I marched my happy little fanny right upstairs after reading this post to eat a pickel. And it was a Milwaukee Dill!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Milwaukee Kosher Midget Dills are my favorite-much crunchier and tastier then their big brother Baby Dill. I, too, was saddened to find out a few years ago that they were not produced in Milwaukee or even Wisconsin. Nick's family used to can pickles "back in the day". I'll have to get you a jar of Grandpa Becker's pickles. They are a favorite at our house.