Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have been obsessed lately with finding the toys from my childhood. Most importantly, the Fisher Price house. I loved this house! I remember spending hours playing with it, ringing the doorbell and lifting the garage door. While my parents have become bona fide pack rats in their old age, somehow they thought it fitting to get rid of this. I’ll never understand. So begins my search for one that doesn’t cost and arm and a leg. Along with the beds and chairs and cars and choking-hazard really little people.


I walked through an estate sale last weekend and happened to find this: The Sesame Street Place house! For only $6!!! It was absolutely filthy, but I cleaned it up and we’ve been putting our little people in it and playing away.


Also on the hunt for: The Fisher Price Record Player,


The Fisher Price Parking Garage,


The Fisher Price Farm,


The Fisher Price Airport,


And the Ewok Village!


I didn’t have the Ewok Village but my friend did and I remember playing with it all the time. And dang, did Fisher Price have some kickin’ toys back then or what??? They just don’t make em like they used to, eh? Full of lead and choking hazards. If you see any of the above items at your local yard sale, Goodwill, etc, you let me know! I love old toys, and now I have an excuse to actually buy them!


heidi678 said...

Classic toys are the best! Same with that era of cartoons! I have pretty much all those toys (my parents are pack rats too) but, sorry we're not willing to part. I'll keep my eye out for you though. Good luck in your search.

E.F.G. said...

you're right--classics. i believe ours are all in the basement and i can't wait to break them out again. i was a huge fan of the garage. maybe craig's list?

Jodee Luke said...

Oh I totally loved that record player. My parentals still have the farm and the kiddos love it! Oh and thanks for the info with the camera. Guess I better pick up some more shifts...ugh...sell plasma?

Patten Family said...

Ooo Ooo! My Parent's have the Fisher Price Farm and Morgan LOVES playing with it. I guess it's not for sale. You know, I never thought I was a poor kid growing up, until I read this post! The farm was my only toy on your list. Wow....sad!

Dave said...

I had the Ewok Village. I was just telling Caitlin about it the other night. Mason will have one.

Emmy said...

I have all of those vintage fisher price things, except the sesame street.. but sorry they aren't for sale.. I had to look for them and hunt for them too. Love 'em!

Lara said...

Honey, I have one word, EBAY. How else do you think I found my circa 1978 Barbie Perfume Maker, NIB????

*wink* I had that record player too!!! I totally forgot about it!!!

Yours, Mine, &, Crazy Daisy said...

Thank you, Karen! I feel less old now knowing that you played with the same toys that I played with as a child (with the exception of the Ewok Village). That little house makes my heart skip a beat when I see it. Unfortunately, I haven't seen it with anything inside. Good luck!

Sara and Brian said...

are you the farm and the parking garage packed away somewhere. hahahaha

Kate @ Our Best Bites said...

I'm pretty sure I need all of those. Especially the house (I was the same way with the doorbell and the garage door!) and the parking garage.

wackywilsons said...

The fact that you still remember you old school toys is amazing!

I bet the quality of them is much better too...