Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Collect much?

I was cleaning out some closets this morning and came across a bunch of soap for Bath and Body Works. You know the stuff. Everyone has it. I like to stock up when it’s on sale and I have a coupon. My price point for buying these is around $1.50. It will always get that cheap at least once during the year, trust me, and I never buy them when they’re regular price. I like to have a variety of scents on hand for different seasons or to give as last minute gifts and whatnot. Well, I guess I’ve stocked up plenty because I found 3 different BBW bags filled with soap. 23 of them to be exact. Guess I don’t need to stock up anytime soon, eh? Let’s hope these things don’t have an expiration date!


So then I started thinking about what other things I have a lot of, and lip products immediately came to mind. I have somewhat of an obsession with them. I’ve been addicted to Chapstick since I was a wee girl with chapped purple lips, and that has spawned an entire addiction. So I pulled out my drawer of lip products and decided to catalog them. Mind you, I did not hunt all over the house for strays, so there are more lurking around here somewhere.  DSC_6542 I have an entire soda fountain of chapsticks; Dr. Pepper (love the subtle color), Mt. Dew (I bought this with Scott in mind), Cherry Pepsi, and Cherry 7-Up. All delicious. The mint Chapstick is my #1 go-to. You’ll see I also have an extensive collection of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush lip glosses on the right. These are divine. Sheer color with yummy flavors.

I could probably have dozens more pictures like this of other things I have. And let’s just keep the hoarding comments to ourselves, shall we? I just happen to enjoy variety and enjoy having choices. I don’t collect empty boxes of pasta or broken records or anything. Everything I have is 100% useful and relevant to my life.

Why am I already defending myself? You know you have your stashes too!!!!


Melissa said...

Now I know that your lips all always soft! I love your collections. I, too, love the bath and body works soaps. I should "collect" them too because I am always running low. I love your Easter decor in the background. Those little bubble cups are from Walmart aren't they ;)

Cynthia said...

When we were moving Daniel Stewart was helping us pack and he said he had never seen so many lotions and soaps before! Peter said, "Yeah, she is one smelly girl." Now I have proof that I'm normal. I think your BBW collection is more extensive than mine though. But the lip gloss collection might be smaller.. ;) Mint is also my favorite, and I scramble to get another when BBW sends me a coupon to get one free.

wackywilsons said...

You and I both girl!