Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trying not to get too excited yet….

But yes, that’s ME in the NUMBER ONE position in one of the pools I’m in! I’ve never been this far ahead so late in the games.

Fullscreen capture 3282010 64141 PM

From here on out I’m a big Duke fan (which is hard to do considering I’m a Tarheel Fan!) Here’s hoping Michigan St. and Duke make it to the final game! I have serious bragging rights riding on this. Oh, ok, lots of CA$H too!!

I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.


Melissa said...

AwEsOmE! Good luck, Karen!

lanni said...

what the pregnant? i just saw that - congrats! that's awesome.

oh, and your bracket picks are awesome too.

Daniel Smith said...

Wow, KC I didn't know you were so tech saavy. Taking screenshots! But get rid off the AVG toolbar, in fact get rid of AVG all together. It's time to switch you to Microsoft Security Essentials! It's the new hotness! Trust me!