Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend

We had a great weekend! The weather was beautiful, Sara and Brian were here, and it was Easter! For some reason I don’t have a ton of pictures. So unlike me….

Sara and Brian got in late Thursday night and Friday we hit the ground running. We toured Miller, Sprecher, and then went to the Brewers exhibition game against Detroit. We ate lunch at Oakland Gyros (FINALLY! So delicious….) and Edwardo’s for some deep dish pizza after the game.




Saturday we had breakfast at the Original Pancake House. What’s better than pancakes with bacon baked in them? Nothing. The answer is nothing. Then we hit up Kohl’s and did some serious damage there, but thanks to double employee discount and an extra 15% off coupon AND tax free day, we SAVED $474 dollars. Holla.

Saturday night the guys went to Conference and us ladies started cooking for Easter. I swear, when Sara and I are together, all we do is EAT. Seeing as how we’re both pregnant, we felt it was justified this time. :)

We did catch bits and pieces of General Conference here and there, but not as much as I would have liked. Guess I’ll just have to read it online or wait till we get it in the mail. I heard it was great, and what I did hear I thought was really good.

Sunday we had our traditional Easter: Dinner and Tournament and it was great as always. We opted out of coloring eggs and had an egg hunt and the egg toss instead. Derrick and I dominated the egg toss, but the Greens took runner-up with an impressive showing. The food was amazing, and it was nice to hang out with great friends on a gorgeous day. Probably the best weather we’ve ever had on Easter since we’ve been here.

We rounded out the day with a few rounds of Hula-Hooping on the Wii. My abs are still sore from it. Stop mocking.

Hope everyone’s Easter was great as well. It’s a great time of year to think about the resurrection of our Savior and notice the rebirth of so many things around us. And a great time to eat lots of great candy! :)DSC_6664 DSC_6650 DSC_6630 DSC_6620 DSC_6610 DSC_6602 DSC_6592 DSC_6576


Emmy said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend! Glad you had fun.. and yes conference was really good this year.

Courtney said...

Love the pic of Summer in the bunny glasses, way too cute! She is such a fun little girl! And is that Derrick drinking Miller beer? What!?! LOL. Looks like you had a very enjoyable Easter weekend. Lets catch up soon, got to see that pregger belly :)