Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

Here’s a big shout-out for all the dads out there! As my friend Sarah said, Happy You’re Only a Father Because I Birthed a Baby Day!

My own dad is a pretty good guy. He’s super handy and friendly and would do anything for you. He is one of the hardest workers I know, and everything I know about fixing and jimmy-rigging things I learned from him! It’s no secret that I’m the handy one in our house. Derrick provides the muscle if I need him to. :)

I know my dad sacrificed a lot while we were growing up. He was gone a lot and missed a lot of events, but when he was around he more than made up for it. He was always so insistent that we explore our surroundings, wherever we lived, and wanted us to love and appreciate our country. As a result, I’m super patriotic, and I owe it to him. That, and the fact that he was in the Coast Guard for 30 years and my mom was in the Navy Reserves! I love the military and those that serve and protect us!

This is very typical of my dad. He sent this to my phone last night. He’s really just a tall kid with gray hair. :)


Derrick has been a great dad, too. I always knew he would be, though. He was always so great with our nieces and nephews, and still is. Summer adores him. ADORES him. He always get the biggest homecoming squeals from her and is constantly chanting, “Dad! Dad! Dad!” I never get such an excited reaction out of her for myself, but I love how they interact with each other. She’s definitely daddy’s little girl.

Derrick is also a hard worker. He is super dedicated and disciplined. For instance, he’s currently going back to school to get his MBA through an executive MBA program. He has class two nights a week at work, Tuesday and Wednesday. So that he can study and do homework without it interfering with home life too much, he goes to bed at 9pm and wakes up at 5am so that he can do schoolwork at work from 6-8am before his workday starts. This means that he gets to see Summer Monday night and then not again until Thursday after work. That makes for a loooong couple of days for me, but it’s so nice because when he’s home, he’s home. He’s not doing homework. Weekends are strictly for fun and family time. It sucks saying goodnight to him at 9pm (especially tonite when he exclaimed….it’s still LIGHT OUT!), but I’m grateful that he’s willing to do it for us. His hard work is paying off, too. He got A’s in his classes last semester and probably will again this semester.

He is definitely a hands on dad, too. He has no problems changing diapers, giving baths, putting Summer to bed, or taking her outside to play. I definitely couldn’t do it without him. Well, I probably could, let’s be honest, but he makes it a LOT easier! ;)

I love all the dads in my life—they’ve all taught me something along the way to help make me be a better person and mother.

A picture for you: taken at a Jersey Shore party Friday night. Check out our poofs. And Derrick’s sexy slicked back hair and chain. 

zDSC_7506 Happy Father’s Day!


Megan Gubler said...


You look so pretty in this picture! Ilove your hair.

Maria said...

What would we do without good men in our lives? By the way you look beautiful.