Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Aaaaalll byyyyy myyyyseeeeeelf....don't wanna be.....

My parents left yesterday morning. Derrick went to work. I was left alone with two children, all by myself. Did I cry? Absolutely. Did I survive? Yes.

Yesterday was better than today, though. Hannah was up a lot last night with a congested little nose and sounded like she was drowning all night, despite my best attempts with the bulb syringe. So today I am a zombie, SO exhausted, wanting only a nap. And of course neither of my children would nap at the same time so I could too. Figures. Did I cry? Absolutely. More than once. Did I survive? So far, yes.

Derrick starts school again tonite, which means he won't be home until 8:30. Tuesday and Wednesday. Those are going to be some long days, I can already tell.

I have been praying for patience harder than I ever have before. It's the first thing to go when I'm tired, yet the first thing I need. Funny how it works that way.

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already. I'm really so in love with this tiny little baby. She is so sweet and I love just holding her and snuggling her. My friend Kara took newborn shots of her last week and I can't wait to see how they turned out. They change so fast...I wish they would stay tiny forever.

We had a good time with my parents while they were here. They definitely spoiled Summer, but spoiled us as well! I think I only changed Summer's diaper a handful of times, I was never up with her in the morning or fed her breakfast, and she went on lots of little trips and was fed lots of treats. We were also lucky to have my dad cross off all the items on my list of things to do around the house. He's a workhorse and knows how to do just about anything.

They also bought us a deep freezer, which I'm so excited for! Now I can stock up on good deals and have some frozen food storage. And bags of Sonic ice. :)

We checked out Irish Fest, went to Comet Cafe, went on lots of walks and played games. It was a great visit, and Summer is still asking where they went. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! See you next month!


Nicki said...

This all sounds so familiar, it makes ME cry! Hang in there Karen. It's funny, I wish our guys had school the SAME night and we could hang out; but Jake goes to school on Monday and Thursday.

Melissa said...

It's always a sad day when my parents leave, too. They bring so much joy when they are here. Your parents look the same way I remember them looking (and I haven't seen them in 20 years). Good for them! I am so glad they were able to come and help you out. Plus, an endless supply of Sonic ice. What, really, could be better than that?

Nikki said...

I know exactly how you feel. I love that there are people out there that feel the same way. You will get through it. I wish that time would stand still for me too, I'm actually starting to enjoy having a baby around.
Patience...I need it badly too.
Hang in there!

Samantha said...

Dang, I've been there. Those long days alone with them are especially killer. I can tell you're doing great though. Let the tears come! Things get easier as time goes on, that's for sure, but I know you know that.